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"Oh, had I but followed the Arts"-William Shakespeare

Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Aussie accented weekend

The Reel of the week was 1991's "Flirting" with Nicole Kidman, Thandie Newton and Noah Taylor.
To call it a coming of age film would do it an injustice. I'd describe it as a warm, funny, sensual and awkward slice of all our lives.
The story takes place in 1965, it's about those, horrible, wonderful high school years we all lived through. The back drop is an all girls boarding school in Australia. Nicole Kidman plays Nicola the head of the popular girl clique, with the other girls clawing and fawning and one upping each other. Vying for her favor.
Thandie Newton plays Thandiwe Adjewa a new student from Uganda and the only Black girl. (It was back when Thandie Newton had good old fashioned Black girl Hair...What happened? Hollywood I think) Most of the girls fall over one another to make her life a living hell.
Across the Lake the all boys boarding school. Noah Taylor plays Danny Embling. The intelligent, stuttering butt of most of the other boys jokes. Jock Blair (Felis Nobis) is Nicola's male counterpart.
The two schools intermingle only at once a week dances. At one such dance is where Danny meets Thandiwe. They find in each others dare to be different attitudes a kindred spirit.
propping each other up and giving each other the strength to be who they are. Danny said it best when he said. "People wondered how Hitler got so many followers. It never surprised me."
The Film brought back some of my own discomfort with High School. The constant pull of intellect versus self-preservation. Thank God for intellect.

"Flirting" was a delightful film and an afternoon well spent.

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