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Thursday, March 17, 2011

It was a TV night

I freely admit it, I love "Criminal Minds", but lately there has been a definite strain on the relationship. I mean I own Season 1-5, so it was a very serious relationship. The stories were smart, I enjoyed the little plot twists that happened every episode. Mostly I loved the dynamic between the main characters.Garcia and Derek, Hotch and Spencer, Rossi and Hotch, Emily and Garcia, JJ and Garcia, you get the picture. I was invested and loving every minute of it.
All of you who watch, know what happened next. It all went to shit. AJ cook got canned (JJ), they changed writers. The new writers seemed to not know the history of the characters. The stories lost the twists and turns, became more formulaic. Then CBS added insult to injury and we lost another character, which brings me to last nights episode. "Lauren".
It was the swan song for the character (Emily Prentiss) who was leaving. It involved undercover work, the IRA, revenge, flashbacks, BLAH,BLAH,BLAH. Don't get me wrong there were moments that I glimpsed a little of the old "Criminal Minds" Hotch at his Alpha male best (Love it), Garcia with her wit and tender heart, even a little Derek playing the "Angry Black man". The worst part is the new character played by Rachel Nichols, I can't even be bothered to remember her characters name. She is so woefully miscast it"s just sad. She's like a cardboard cut out, when she speaks it's like a distraction you just want her to shut up so you can get back to the story. I find myself changing the channel when she speaks. With the departure of Emily (Paget Brewster) We are left with one woman profiler.....cardboard girl (Sigh) Can Thomas Gibson's (Hotch) acting and hot alpha male looks keep me watching I'll have to wait and......Hey "Tabula Rasa" from season 3 is on ION gotta go! 

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