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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gerry, The Pacemakers & A Georgy Girl!

This week I'll start off with what's happening in my Reel life.  Well the check is finally in the mail for a commercial I did in November (That's show biz..I guess) But on a happy note I landed my very first gig as a voice artist for audio books. I'm on my way, well I've actually been on my way for about 15 years, but hey I'm working and that makes me an...ACTOR.

Now for my review, I'm going to cheat and go back 2 weeks, just because the reels were so fun.  I decided to go for an old school weekend. I rented "British Invasion: Gerry & the Pacemakers" and "Georgy Girl" It was definitely a fun-filled evening. Watching Gerry & the Pacemakers do their thing kind of made me smile, no I DID smile. I mean they were in their late teens and early 20's, but seemed so much older. I was struck by the thought of how much fun they looked like they were having and wearing suits no less. The music was catchy, the lyrics relevant. They didn't seem to care about money or bling. The narratives were not about drama or drugs. They broke up because they stopped paying attention and doing the work so they dropped off into obscurity.

"Georgy Girl" was a funny, simple little story. It was really an ugly duckling story, although instead of longing for love, Georgy longed for a baby. Alan Bates was quirky and quite amusing, James Mason.... a bit creepy. It made me wish Lynn Redgrave was still with us. All in all I recommend both for an evening of toe tapping frivolity and Ferrying across the Mersey.  LaLaLaLa

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