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Monday, March 21, 2011

Other worldly Sunday

First CAREER update Let's see I'm in rehearsals for my audiobook. Can I read a 258 page book for two days without losing my voice, we shall see. A paycheck tells me Hell yea.  My TV commercial is now a radio spot so CHA CHING I can pay my cable bill, I see more movie watching in my future. On a down note still waiting for my call from Edward Allen Benero to play an UnSub on "Criminal Minds".

The Reel of this week was 1997's "Contact" with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey. Jodie Foster plays Ellie Arroway an astronomer who's curiosity was nurtured at a young age by her doting father, played by David Morse (I met him once when I was an extra in "The Langoliers" , not a movie I boast about, he probably doesn't either) Ellie is passionate about space and science, she meets Palmer (Matthew) who is passionate about faith and spirituality. This is all in a backdrop of the excitement of Carl Sagan's questions, what's out there beyond the Cosmos, are we alone, is there other intelligent life out there. Then there is the Military answer to that. If there is life out there, let's kill it and steal it's technology.

This was an early movie for Jodie Foster and it shows. I found her acting in this movie, refreshing. She was a much more open actor back then. She was able to let the audience in. I found as she got older her performances were good, but much more closed off, tighter, holding back emotion, even facially.
Matthew McConaughy on the other hand, has no fear and always gives a good performance. I was a little distracted  by the mullet and then the overly coiffed do, but was quickly brought back by the slow southern drawl.
I liked the character of Ellie, I was happily on her side and of course the ever cautionary tale that yes , the military always wants to take over everything and make it a weapon.
The payoff was a little disappointing but all in all not a bad Sunday distraction. to quote Carl Sagan "The Cosmos are also within us, we are made of star stuff"

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  1. Every time I read that quote by Carl Sagan I think of those amazing autotuned symphony of science songs :)