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"Oh, had I but followed the Arts"-William Shakespeare

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bits & Bobs & The Book in-between

Career Update, Let's just say it's always a good idea to have a back-up plan.  Well, my commercial is playing on the radio, so a little extra money for me. The producer of the Audio Book I've been prepping for had to go out of town because of an emergency. Soooo I've been relegated to the back burner indefinitely. Still no word from Edward Allen Benero. I have taken up pen and started song writing again, I'm very rusty.

I haven't started a new book yet, when I'm In between books I always pick up "Nocturnes" a book of short, strange stories by my very favorite writer John Connolly. He writes the most wonderful, scary,engrossing, unexpected novels I have had the pleasure to read. He also created my favorite character "Charlie Parker" a tortured soul forever on the cusp of good and evil but also the here and the here after. I call them my Murder and Mayhem novels.  Never a dull moment .

Music wise as usual I'm all over the place. Thanks to my elliptical I have a chance to put together my very own eclectic sets. I start with maybe some U2 or matchbox 20, move on to some James Brown, Los Lonely Boys, Kanye West, Pink, Snoop Dogg, but I always begin and end with Litefoot. Sometimes I put on his latest CD "Relentless Pursuit" and that gets me through my entire workout.
My Reel of the week will be tomorrow, I actually watched three movies, just trying to decide which to review. Excited? I am!       Check out Litefoot !

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