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Friday, April 15, 2011

Criminal Minds Episode review

In this review of the April 13th episode of "Criminal Minds" I will not beat that cardboard horse by harping on the Seaver (Rachel Nichols) character. Let's move on. 
The BAU is called to San Diego after co eds are being murdered in a very slashy way. There were definitely some creepy moments and a high and bloody body count.The Unsub (Chad Todhunter) is acting out some kind of traumatic babysitter issue in his past, that alone was a little disturbing. The whole idea of being in your home all comfy, cozy and not knowing someone is in your home so your life clock is winding down without your knowledge is unsettling to say the least. It brings to mind a past episode of "Criminal Minds", "The Angel Maker" which gave me that same creeped out feeling.
 I really like "Hotch" in negotiator mode like in last weeks episode he really shines. The exchanges between Hotch and Strauss are provocative. There is some real chemistry there. hmmm...... Could that be Hotch's secret? We are still waiting for his secret, with two episodes left this season. Having Strauss take some time off leaving Hotch overseeing the Bureau opens up all kinds of storylines.  

There has been some murmurings of a possible return of JJ (AJ Cook). That would be nice. Could that mean the exit of one cardboard figure? I for one await a resounding YES!!

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