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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have Mad love for a lonesome Cowboy!

Ok I'm a little late to the party. After all it won Jeff Bridges an Oscar .....last year.  I'm speaking of "Crazy Heart". It's my Reel of the week.

Jeff plays "Bad Blake", a washed up, alcoholic country crooner. He is limping along from one dot on the map town to another, hoping to revive his career. His hard drinking, hard talking and womanizing are getting in his way. To "Bad's" way of thinking it's everybody's fault, but his own. Mostly his manager's fault smarmily played by James Keane. His good friend Wayne is played by Robert Duvall who is a staple in any good western. Wayne is his sounding board and his conscience.
"Bad" deeply resents but does not begrudge the talent of his protege Tommy Sweet played surprisingly low key by Colin Farrell. Tommy has taken what he learned from "Bad" and hit the big time.

"Bad's"  strength is his crazy heart where the songs live. When he's sober his words ring heart wrenchingly true.
In one dot on the map town he meets Jean a reporter played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. She has her own wounds but wants to know the heart behind the songs "Bad" writes.
Can she calm his crazy heart? I for one kept my fingers crossed. You'll want "Bad" to triumph over his demons too. I loved this movie!
Jeff Bridges should display his Oscar proudly. He earned it Ya'll

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