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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm sensing a pattern

My Reel of the week is another Western, Hence the title of this weeks blog.  I just felt the need to watch another Western.
You know there is just not a cooler, smoother or Hotter man than Steve McQueen. In this movie he plays the title character "TOM HORN"  in this true story of his life. Tom was a cowboy, tracker, and stock detective who actually revered and admired Geronimo (that's a first). Which gets him in trouble from the get go. Tom is at the end of his career and is drifting along in Wyoming where he meets John Coble (Richard Farnsworth) a cattle rancher who offers Tom a job as a stock detective with the blessing of the cattlemen's association to end the cattle rustling by whatever means necessary. So it wasn't pretty.  Just an aside, how did they expect to sneak around back then with those damn spurs making so much noise.
Soon Tom is doing his job a little too well, so the cattlemen's association is suddenly saying "How the hell do we get rid of him?" considering what white men in U.S. did to the NDNS they had no problem screwing over one of there own. Dirty, evil and problem.  
I don't do spoilers so watch it for yourself. Steve McQueen played TOM HORN with such charm and vulnerability, that alone made the movie worth it.. It wasn't a feel good movie, but Steve McQueen made it a good movie.
If there are any of you out there who have not seen a Steve McQueen movie (I don't know who you are, but shame on you!) check out some like "THE GETAWAY" and "BULLITT" they are definitely worth a look. Steve McQueen is timeless.......not to mention HOT!

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