Moments of escape can be moments of clarity!

"Oh, had I but followed the Arts"-William Shakespeare

Monday, May 30, 2011

Reels & DiCaprio & A warbling Streep...

I took a little time off to work on some projects and enjoy the beginning of the greatness we call summer.
First things first, the latest "Criminal Minds" news. We are still awaiting the signing of a new contract for Thomas Gibson which we all hope happens soon. Paget Brewster's (Emily Prentiss) new series was not picked up for the fall , so she will be back on CM.  That means (drum roll please) Rachel Nichols (Seaver) has been given her walking papers. I wish her the best. Now hopefully we can get back to CM the original.

This week I have a double review. The first is "Inception" I don't know why I hadn't watched it before.  So many people had told me it was hard to understand. I found that to be false. It was fast-paced, easy to follow, if you paid attention and thoroughly entertaining.  Leonardo DiCaprio plays "Cobb" the leader of a band of thieves, who through the invention of "Inception", a way of accessing peoples dreams, takes thievery to a whole new level. Cobb concocts THE big heist, to access the dreams of a multi-million dollar heir, to learn the contents of his fathers safe. Unbeknownst to the rest of the team Cobb has his own agenda, which could endanger  them all, or leave them in limbo for years. The only one who knows his secret is "Ariadne" played by Ellen Page, who Cobb picks to be the architect for his dreams. It's up to her to save Cobb from himself and also save the team from an uncertain future. I loved this movie, it was exciting and the special effects were out of this world. All the actors were invested, Leonardo Dicaprio added the heart. I add "Inception " to the list of films I'd see more than once, because the visuals show you something new every time you see it.
My second review is on the total opposite end of the spectrum. I made the mistake of watching "Mama Mia". Ok I really, really tried to like it, but I failed miserably. It was just Bad on so many levels. I like Colin Firth and Stellan Skaarsgard, thank god they sang very little. They just weren't given much to work with. The plot was weak. The actors were not committed to the music. The flow from speaking to singing  was not there, which made the whole thing a big choppy mess. Meryl Streep's singing went back and forth between whiny and strident. It was just annoying. Pierce Bronson really singing growly and loud, but like I said they just weren't given much to work with. Christine Baranski over acted and sang larger than life, like she was on a Broadway stage which added to the disjointed feel of the movie. I love ABBA music, just not in this movie. If you like ABBA music, skip this movie and rent "Muriels Wedding" instead.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Back with a Vengence

Ok I've been absent for a bit. I've been cultivating the seeds for a fruitful summer.I will start with a review of the Season Finale of "Criminal Minds".
Season 6, Episode 24 finds the BAU on the hunt for human traffickers after a guy with a serious case of Road
Rage, splatters himself on the highway in which the aftermath reveals 2 dead people in the trunk of the car. The victims are used to fuel the sick fantasies of anyone with enough money. Meanwhile budget cuts in the FBI are looming large for the team. Hotch (Thomas Gibson) hints of cuts on the horizon. This seems to mirror the real life turmoil the show has faced. There was a little of the old banter between the team members, which has been sorely lacking. It was good to see Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) and Kevin (Nicholas Brendon), I love them together. All in all it was a good episode and the payoff was unexpected, I always like that.
Summer reruns are upon us. Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) has finally signed his new contract. We are anxiously awaiting the signing of a new contract for Thomas Gibson. I hope with the return of AJ Cook (JJ), Season 7 will be a breath of fresh air, with Erica Messer as the new executive producer hope springs eternal!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

CM season winding down

We are in the final weeks of CM's 6th season. May 11th's episode "Big Sea" finds the BAU in Jacksonville Florida. I mean literally finds itself there. WTF the episode opens with the team there. It totally skipped the plane ride, the round table discussion, the fact finding. Last week I talked about the fact that lately the episodes seemed rushed. Now I'm sure it's not my imagination. I agree with Joe Mantegna, when he said change is good , but they are changing the things that set CM apart from other crime dramas. I really look forward to the exchange of information on the plane trips to the crime scene. Even when they got around to the profile, it was sparse and rushed.
The storyline, a pumping crew finds the remains of a mass grave off shore, was a great beginning, it had meat to it. Karl Mackinen was pretty scary as the UNSUB.  The butchery was epic and then it was like the writers said "Ok let's wrap it up quick" and it ended with a cheesy cookie cutter reason for the UNSUB's decline into murder.  I was left unsatisfied. On top of that Hotch (Thomas Gibson) was sans tie, I never thought I'd miss it, but damn it (sniff, sniff) I did!
Next week is the season finale, I'm just gonna expect the worst and hopefully be pleasantly surprised. I am sooo ready to put season 6 behind me. I don't think I will be adding Season 6 to my DVD collection. I'm moving on to Season 7 and staying open to the possibility that it will be fabulous. I have to! (wiping a lone tear).

Monday, May 9, 2011


Ok, I couldn't help myself. Yes, my Reel of the week is "THOR". To top it off I saw it in 3D. It was quite by accident that I went to the 3D version. I wanted to go to the first showing on the first day (I'm a geek like that) I did it for the" LORD OF THE RINGS" trilogy also.
I'm sure most of you know the story of THOR . Would-be King THOR is banished to earth by his father, King Odin, because of his immaturity and impetuousness . Shattering the fragile peace of the nine realms. THOR must learn his lessons to reclaim his hammer and the throne.
Anthony Hopkins gives his usual stellar performance as King Odin. I was a little leery at first when I heard THOR would be played by Chris Hemsworth of STAR TREK fame. But he proved me wrong and was up to the task. He played THOR with an abundance of charm and humor also quite a bit of sex appeal!
The film was directed by Kenneth Branaugh. There was much grumbling at his choice of African American actor  Idris Elba to play Heimdall, the gatekeeper. Authenticity, Viking mytholgy, Blah,blah,blah. I applaud Branaughs creativity and vision.
THOR was a triumph, a comic book jumping off the page. A rollicking good time. Take an afternoon and watch THOR wield that Hammer. You'll love it!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Wednesday, yeah that's right!

"Out of Light" was May 3rds episode of Criminal Minds. The BAU is called to North Carolina after two young women go missing and one is found injured.
Jeff Meek plays Robert Bremmer, the suspected UNSUB, who reveals some of the icky stuff that makes him a suspect. It was a fairly good story, but is it just me or lately do the storylines feel incredibly rushed. It just feels like the UNSUBS have been identified very early in the story. There was a little interaction between the team members, that we all love and miss.  I was still left a little wanting. Hotch (Thomas Gibson) had a few moments with his son. CM only has two more episodes before the end of the season. All the real life Drama has put a pall on this season , it just hasn't delivered on it's promise to reveal the secrets the team holds. I have hope in my heart that season 7 will be  all that Season 6 wasn't. I'm not ready to give up on my favorite show. I want Thomas Gibson to sign a new contract ,and an end to the outside Drama. I welcome back AJ Cook and hope Seaver will go back to Quantico . Until then bring on the last 2 episodes I will assuage my withdrawl pains through the summer with DVD;s

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bits and Bobs

It's been a while since I've updated private dealings and my "Criminal Minds" reviews. CM had a few weeks of reruns. They return this week with the last three episodes of the season. :(  I will return to my reviews then. They get approximately seven weeks off then back to production. Still waiting for Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore to sign new contracts. (I shall perish the thought of that not happening). 

Now whats happening on the home front. No new work yet, but that's how it goes. My agent swears with summer almost full on we will see an upswing in work. I hang my hat on that.  Hubby and I are trying once again to gear up for summer singing gigs. Putting together our song list, tweaking here and there. I have actually finished writing my very first song in about 2 years. It's about the passage of time and keeping dreams alive. I'm proud of being able to embrace the process, after my self-imposed hiatus. -wise  I'm listening to Elton of course, but also Angelique Kidjo she extraordinary. I have been indulging my guilty pleasure Josh Groban (there I said it). his voice is so perfect, every note he sings pulls you in. His "Bells of New York City" and "February song" are mellifluous. He makes it seem effortless.
Book-wise I am reading the prolific, unbridled king of murder and mayhem John Connolly's "Book of lost things". I have to pace myself when reading his books, simply because I don't want them to end.
Well that's my bits,  can't say I'm waiting for Edward Allen Benero to call, he's left CM, but there is always new head writer Erica Messer. fingers crossed... I'm gonna give my agent a call!

Baby it's ikkiertok outside

The Reel of the week is 2003's "THE SNOW WALKER". It's a film that takes place in 1953. Barry Pepper stars as Charlie Halliday, a rather roguish former WWII pilot who returns from the war and goes to work as a bush pilot in Alaska. He ferries about , rich business men and flies in goods to remote fishing villages. On one such trip he encounters an Inuit family fishing near the shoreline. The family entices Charlie with Ivory to deliver their daughter/sister Kanaalaq (played by Annabella Piugattuk) , who is ill, to a hospital in YellowKnife. 

On the way to the hospital, Charlie encounters engine trouble and they crash on the desolate tundra.
The development of the relationship between Charlie and Kanaalaq is the bread and butter of the Film. It's about two journeys, the physical journey and a journey of the spirit and of self-discovery.

 Annabella Piugattuk was so incredibly charming as Kanaalaq, it almost brought tears to my eyes. She has such an innocence in her laughter and acting. The sound of her native language was melodic and pleasing to the ear.

I was so engrossed in the film, I had forgotten I had put eggs on to boil, until one of them exploded. I cursed the interruption.
This story was an unexpected Gem (Why hadn't I heard of it) It was a commentary on how connected we really are, whether we choose to believe it or not.