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Saturday, May 14, 2011

CM season winding down

We are in the final weeks of CM's 6th season. May 11th's episode "Big Sea" finds the BAU in Jacksonville Florida. I mean literally finds itself there. WTF the episode opens with the team there. It totally skipped the plane ride, the round table discussion, the fact finding. Last week I talked about the fact that lately the episodes seemed rushed. Now I'm sure it's not my imagination. I agree with Joe Mantegna, when he said change is good , but they are changing the things that set CM apart from other crime dramas. I really look forward to the exchange of information on the plane trips to the crime scene. Even when they got around to the profile, it was sparse and rushed.
The storyline, a pumping crew finds the remains of a mass grave off shore, was a great beginning, it had meat to it. Karl Mackinen was pretty scary as the UNSUB.  The butchery was epic and then it was like the writers said "Ok let's wrap it up quick" and it ended with a cheesy cookie cutter reason for the UNSUB's decline into murder.  I was left unsatisfied. On top of that Hotch (Thomas Gibson) was sans tie, I never thought I'd miss it, but damn it (sniff, sniff) I did!
Next week is the season finale, I'm just gonna expect the worst and hopefully be pleasantly surprised. I am sooo ready to put season 6 behind me. I don't think I will be adding Season 6 to my DVD collection. I'm moving on to Season 7 and staying open to the possibility that it will be fabulous. I have to! (wiping a lone tear).

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