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Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Wednesday, yeah that's right!

"Out of Light" was May 3rds episode of Criminal Minds. The BAU is called to North Carolina after two young women go missing and one is found injured.
Jeff Meek plays Robert Bremmer, the suspected UNSUB, who reveals some of the icky stuff that makes him a suspect. It was a fairly good story, but is it just me or lately do the storylines feel incredibly rushed. It just feels like the UNSUBS have been identified very early in the story. There was a little interaction between the team members, that we all love and miss.  I was still left a little wanting. Hotch (Thomas Gibson) had a few moments with his son. CM only has two more episodes before the end of the season. All the real life Drama has put a pall on this season , it just hasn't delivered on it's promise to reveal the secrets the team holds. I have hope in my heart that season 7 will be  all that Season 6 wasn't. I'm not ready to give up on my favorite show. I want Thomas Gibson to sign a new contract ,and an end to the outside Drama. I welcome back AJ Cook and hope Seaver will go back to Quantico . Until then bring on the last 2 episodes I will assuage my withdrawl pains through the summer with DVD;s

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