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Sunday, June 5, 2011

An afternoon with Ivy

My Reel of the week is 1968's "For the love of Ivy"  Ivy (Abby Lincoln) is a black maid, who has worked for Frank (Carroll O'Connor) and Doris (Nan Martin) Austin for 9 years. She starts to realize that if she doesn't change things, this will be the story of her life. So she decides to quit her job, move to the city, and go to secretarial school.
Needless to say Mr. and Mrs. Austin are upset. Mrs. Austin proclaiming, "You're part of the family"  (Which is a unique delusion, I mean she never sits at their table, doesn't spend holidays with them. Cleans their house, cooks their dinner, does their laundry, serves dinner and they pay her...I think that's a maid. Ahhh  the 60's, oh wait, things haven't changed.) The  teenage children Tim (Beau Bridges) and Gena (Lauri Peters) are devastated. The kids decide to hatch a plot to keep Ivy from leaving. They believe all she needs is the distraction of male companionship.  Tim decides to bribe Jack Sparks,played brilliantly by Sidney Poitier into asking Ivy out . Jack owns a trucking company that does business with Tim's Dad. Tim knows Jack is a playboy who is not interested in marriage so their is no danger of him taking their beloved Ivy away from them.
The situation becomes sticky when Ivy falls hard for Jack. This has disastrous results when Ivy learns of the Bribery.
A simple story, but it is elevated by superb performances by Sidney Poitier, Beau Bridges and Abby Lincoln.
 A lazy afternoon spent loving Ivy.

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