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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Excitement and Adventure, not Lion !

The Reel of the week is 1997's "The Ghost and the Darkness". It's the true story  of the 1896 "Lions of Tsavo"
Val Kilmer plays Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson a construction engineer who is hired to build a bridge in Tsavo, Kenya for the British Railway. During the building of the bridge workers are attacked again and again by a pair of rampaging Lions. This brings the project to a complete standstill. Patterson is unable to restore calm, and the workers refuse to continue so long as the attacks continue.
Patterson needs help, which comes in the personage of big game hunter Charles Remington (Michael Douglas) who has loved Africa and hunted in Africa for decades.
The two embark on a quest to rid Tsavo of the man eaters and finish the bridge.
I found the movie riveting. There was tension galore and all the characters were fully formed so that you really felt for their plight. Michael Douglas (Remington) gave a rousing performance, I was taken in by his swash-buckling personality, Val Kilmer (Patterson) was captivating  as Patterson, not to mention oozing sensuality.
You totally understand why his wife missed him. She did not leave him out in the bush alone for very long.
this movie was an exciting little Gem. If you missed it in 1997, rent it tonight.

After watching this movie I wanted to read about the real story. I recommend "The Man-eating Lions of Tsavo" written by the real Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson, recounting his experience, written in 1925.

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