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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Hardy Yee-Haw and a we are not alone!!

I feel like I have died and gone to heaven, my two favorite genres in a Mash-up! Wonderful!!
So, you've probably guessed my Reel of the week is "Cowboys & Aliens" .  First show of the first day as usual.    

The film takes place in Arizona in 1873. A man , played with steely magnificence by Daniel Craig. Wakes up in the desert with no memory and a strange device attached to his wrist. Unbeknownst to him he is Stagecoach robber Jake Lonergan. He eventually falls into the hands of the town sheriff (Keith Carradine), but Colonel Dolarhyde, played crustily by Harrison Ford, wants his gold back so since he owns the town lock, stock and barrel he is determined to have his way.  Their Tug of War is interrupted by strange lights in the sky, explosions and people being pulled into the air by lasso-like steel ropes. Colonel Dolarhyde's son is amongst the taken. Jake's hand device seems to have a mind of it's own and seems to be the only weapon that can kill the invaders.So the town has to unite, to fight this common enemy. Jake's strange weapon seems to interest another stranger, Alice, played badly by Olivia Wilde, who seems to have only one facial expression. I think it's saying: "I can't act worth shit, but look at me aren't I sexy" I'm not sure who the target audience for the useless sexual tension scenes were, (teenage boys?), but I for one as an audience member, went to "Cowboys & Aliens" for just that "Cowboys & Aliens" So to quote Michael Bolton I wanted to get "Back to the good part".

What I loved most about C & A was the fact that each story could stand on it's own. It was a great Sci-Fi story and a great Western. I was so happy to see my NDN's. Adam Beach held his own in every scene with Harrison Ford, who was at his grizzled best. Adam's last scene brought tears to my eyes. Kudos to David Midthunder and Moses Brings Plenty.I just wish the NDN character's were given names instead of warrior # 1 or Apache #2.  C & A was full of everything that makes a great western and everything that makes a good Alien Flick. The Aliens scared the crap out of me, which I loved. C&A was pure indulgence,like licking my favorite ice cream cone (coconut) while it's dripping down my arm...delicious!!!

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