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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bits & Bobs, The Whisperers & waiting...

It has been a very lazy summer indeed. I'm writing this post Hurricane "Irene" evening. We fared pretty well. A bit of a leaky roof. Few blown around branches and we lost power for about four hours.
I am lamenting the inevitable end to the lazy,hazy,crazy days of summer.
Now, what have I been up to. I'm still a starving actor. Two auditions, one for a hospital and the other for Sylvania headlights. Playing the waiting game, the power people love to keep us on pins and needles awaiting the decision from on high. I'm I need a new headshot? Oh, the angst of it all.

I have finished "The Whisperers" by John Connolly. Surprisingly it didn't have enough Charlie Parker to satisfy my voracious appetite. I found the story about the many levels of devastation war heaps upon us, intriguing. I found myself sympathizing with the "bad" guys.  The wait for Louis & Angel to come into the picture was excruciatingly long...come on John page 245. I was beginning to think Charlie was going it alone. All in all in was a good read, as usual.  John's newest Charlie Parker novel "The Burning Soul" hits the stores September 6th. Life is good. I hope to see him on his book tour which starts soon.

Musically what is toodling away in my MP3 you ask?  Most of the time it runs the gamut.  I'm listening to a lot of Jack White. He collaborates with some of my favorite artists. He has really interesting cd with Loretta lynn called "Van Lear Rose" excellent!
I'm also listening to a singer named Samantha Crain she is Cree NDN, and sings with such purity of spirit, I find rare today she has a single called "Santa Fe" that I have been playing over and over.    
In "Criminal Minds" news. The gang is back and are filming. Episodes 1-5 are in the can. That was fast. The new season begins September 21rst at 9:00pm. I can't wait , no more reruns, except DVD's and ION, and A & E and.... you get the picture. The first episode of the new season has Emily (Paget Brewster) coming back from the dead. Her return rocks the fabric and loyalty of the team. Especially when the find out that J.J (A.J Cook) and Hotch (Thomas Gibson) knew about Emily's faked death. Be sure to tune in, you know I will.
Well that's about it for now. Reel of the week will return in a few days. I sop up as much fun as I can for the remainder of the summer.  Cheers!!!

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