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Friday, October 14, 2011

Checkin' in with the BAU

I feel like I'm frantically playing catch up, but I have decided to remain resolute and focused on the task at hand. I'm so easily distracted , I think today it was the lovely fall foliage.  See, distracted, now back to the Wednesday thing. This is for episode 3 "Dorado Falls" In this episode the BAU is called to Charlottesville, Virginia. Because the case is basically is their backyard, the wheels alas, did not go up. I yearned for it. (ok, maybe yearned is a little much, but I did miss the plane camaraderie)
The case starts with a mass murder at a security firm. As the team delves into the case, they discover a link between the murders and a military veteran. Max Martini plays Luke Dolan a veteran, who after a minor traffic accident, develops a rare brain disorder,which causes a disconnect between his brain and his eyesight. This results in horror, pain and the inevitable high body count.  Max Martini plays the part with compassion and conviction.                                   
While the case is unfolding, the team is still struggling to find it's way back after the recent upheavals. Prentiss and Morgan are trying to reestablish their trust in each other.
This episode is firmly rooted in the formula that first drew me in six years ago. Story and relationships. I just missed those wheels going up, but I guess they will occasionally be called to cases in Washington and Virginia but they best not make a habit of it.

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