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Saturday, October 1, 2011

That Wednesday Thing

Ok, I'm a little behind in my "Criminal Minds" Review, but summer is over and life has turned a little less lackadaisical. That's why TIVO has become my friend.
We are at "Proof" Episode 2 of Season 7.  The team is called to rural Oklahoma. The flight to Oklahoma while filled with facts on the coming case is also filled with tension. Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is still stinging from the betrayal surrounding Emily's resurrection from the dead. He seems to be aiming his anger at JJ (AJ Cook) who he went to in his grief and mourning, which made her silence all the more painful.
This colors the investigation into the death and torture with sulfuric acid of several women.
The case turns when evidence points to a mentally disabled man (Andy Milder), who's fixation on a long ago hurtful rebuff has him seeking revenge on women who resemble the object of his fixation.

I have to admit this episode really creeped me out. The method the Unsub uses to lure these women was something that we would all fall for.  CM is back full force, scaring the shit out of us and creeping us out. I also liked the fact that this episode didn't leave us in the muck and mire. It ended with the team reconnecting over a good meal, like all families do. Oh, and Hotch (Thomas Gibson) smiled ,like 3 times. Go Figure!

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