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"Oh, had I but followed the Arts"-William Shakespeare

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Unexpected Trip

The Reel for this week is 2008's "Goodbye Solo". It's a small gem in the world of Independent films.  Film maker Rahmin Bahrani beautifully takes us on a roadtrip with Taxi driver Solo (Soloueymane sy Svane) who picks up a grouchy, angry and mysterious man named William (Red West). William wants to hire Solo to drive him to Blowing Rock, North Carolina no questions asked to basically keep his mouth shut and drive. Solo is just not that kind of Taxi Driver he is curious to know Williams story, why William goes to the movies every night, why he writes in a small notebook and mostly, why he wants to go to Blowing Rock. What follows is a movie filled with earthiness and real heart. The characters were so rich, I felt like a voyeur in the everyday lives of these people. I developed a warmth towards William and Solo. A heads up this movie will draw you in, but leave you hanging. I have a love, hate relationship with movies that make me weep uncontrollably and want to know what happened to these characters later on. I want my happy ending. But I loved "Goodbye Solo", It was a trip worth taking.

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