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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What I learned on the way to the Rodeo

My Reel of the week is actually on my list of top 100 favorite movies. It's 1996's " Ruby Jean and Joe" starring Tom Selleck, Rebekah Johnson and Jobeth Williams.
Tom Selleck plays Joe Wade a fast fading Rodeo star, who sees the writing on the wall, but wants to end his career on a high note. Eight really good seconds and that winning belt buckle.  While making his way to that big Rodeo, his trusty, aging horse in tow, he picks up hitchhiker, Ruby Jean (Rebekah Johnson). A young girl, who is wandering for reasons of her own, which she is reluctant to share.
What results is an unlikely friendship, a  love story  about not selling yourself short. But more importantly realising that every one you meet,however briefly, you meet for a reason, which may have more to do with their lives ,then your own.
Ruby jean and Joe discover how much an aging Rodeo star and an eighteen year old African American girl have in common.

I wanted this movie to go on and on and I cry buckets every time I watch it, loving every single minute.

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