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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bits & Bobs

Ok, I have been a little slackey in the Blogger department, but it's a very.....Oh, hell I have no excuses, except doing other things, fun things and a few lazy things.
This is stressful time of year in my straight job. I work in the Mental health field and Holiday time is a heart-wrenching but rewarding time of year.  My ASL (American Sign Language ) Studies are going well albeit slowly. I am waiting for my next class to come up in rotation.
On the Acting front I'm still grinding along, a few auditions and just finished an acting class brushing up on my scene work.  I will be doing some script reading this week. One audition was for hand model work (who would of thought). I'm also putting my head to the grindstone in the songwriting department I've actually managed to finish two songs (A hardy WOOT for me). giving the drum set a steady workout and loving it I am channeling my inner Nigel Olsson.
It's what am I readin' and listenin' to time. Musically my mood changes from moment to moment. Robert Palmer's "Sneakin' Sally through the Alley"  is in heavy rotation . What a voice, I miss him, he had a way with phrasing that is unparalleled, he can wrap his voice around a word and change it's meaning while at the same time have it begging to be released. My favorite track is "Hey Julia" preferably blasting.

My book review is "The Infernals" by John Connolly. This is the sequel to his 2009 book "The Gates". OK I have to admit I read these books backwards. I quite enjoy his books but it took me awhile to get around to his three young adult books, the two above and his 2006 novel "The Book of Lost Things". It's just , well they are in the children's section of Book stores and as one who doesn't have young children ,I feel a bit skulky heading to the children's section for something to read. I felt like I had to wrap it up in a bit of brown paper, like porn. sorry.....
Ok, back to the review. "The Infernals" revisits young Samuel Johnson and his trusty dachshund Boswell (Is it just me or does this bring to mind a certain 17th century author and his biographer) after they have saved the Earth from the Gates of Hell (with the help of their friend, the decidedly un-demon-like , demon Nurd).
Samuel's neighbors and friends in the town of Biddlecombe have blissfully returned to ignorance and have put the whole nasty episode behind them, but Samuel knows better.
Soon he and Boswell once again find themselves in a fight for their lives , dragged through a portal into the realms of The Infernals. Due to bad timing and poor aim , an ice cream truck, some errant Dwarves and a couple of Constables find themselves sucked into Hell also.  Thus begins an imaginative, rollicking adventure, even a bit hair-raising at times. It was a delightful read. What I loved most was that the characters were filled to the brim with Hope. Mr. Connolly used Foot notes throughout , which had me laughing out loud.
So step boldly into the children's section and claim all three, I highly recommend "The Book of Lost Things" (It tis the season) which is on my list of top 20 favorite books. If at purchase you are asked if you would like a bag, proudly proclaim "NO"!

I had a chance to interview Mr. Connolly for an ASL (American Sign Language ) project (Thank you very much Mr. Connolly). I will post it next, it was meant for my Deaf friends and classmates, so the sound is wonky, but I will include a transcript. To my Deaf friends be gentle, it was spur of the moment and I did not request answers ahead of time. Thanks !

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