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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Softer side of Bale

My Reel of the week is 1999's "All the Little Animals". Christian Bale stars as Bobby Platt, a 24 year old who because of a head injury when he was a boy has a slightly diminished mental capacity. His mother who loved , cared and doted on him, passes away. He is left with his angry, disinterested and abusive step-father played by Daniel Benzali. Now that Bobby's mother is out of the picture, his step-father is free to put into action his own agenda, which is to institutionalize Bobby and take over the chain of stores owned by Bobby's mother and willed to him. Bobby runs away to escape the abuse and meets a tortured stranger (John Hurt) who has given up on man, and become a nomad who's life mission is to care for the animals that lose their lives due to man's negligence. This begins a journey of change, discovery and redemption for them both.

A simple and sweet film.  This is one of Christian Bale's first films. A much less guarded performance, full of innocence. It is a pre-Hollywood dentistry Christian, which really adds to his charm and innocence. Daniel Benzali's character is a little bit over the top and is almost a  caricature , but the performances of Bale and Hurt make it a worthwhile film.  A warm and unornamented film

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