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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still trying to find the Sweet part!

The Reel of the week is 1990's "After Dark my Sweet" based on the novel by Jim Thompson. It's the tale of a punch drunk, off-kilter ex-boxer (Jason Patric) who's drifting through life and towns with nothing but a brown paper bag, holding all his worldly possessions. He happens into a bar where he meets the young slightly alcoholic widow, Faye (Rachel Ward). The collision of these two characters could not have been more wrong.  Faye introduces Kevin (Jason Patric) to her "good Friend" Uncle Bud (Bruce Dern), who though he cares for Faye, he is keenly aware of Faye's weaknesses and uses them to his advantage.  Uncle Bob sees an opportunity to use Faye's seductiveness and Kevin's fog of punch drunkenness to his advantage. He hatches a plot to kidnap the son of a wealthy businessman and hold him for ransom talking the volatile Kevin into performing the task.
This movie is full of twists and turns. You never quite know, who's telling the truth, in other words, there is no Dramatic Irony. Bruce Dern's character Uncle Bob, is so annoyingly creepy you wonder what the hell Faye saw in him, but maybe she is just too high to notice. Sometimes Jason Patrics character is vague and confusing,but I don't know if that's the way the character is written, or it's Jason Patric's acting.

The ending is satisfying but as usual I wanted a little more information, but I think that's my own need to completely unwrap a package to make sure it is what it's supposed to be. I need to work on that.

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