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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Catching up with the BAU....Sorta

Seriously behind again on "Criminal Minds" episodes. It's a busy time of year. So I'm reviewing episodes 9 & 10.
In Episode 9, "Self fulfilling Prophecy"  Rene Auberjonois, plays Colonel Massey, the headmaster of a military academy. When six cadets are found hanging in the woods, it is ruled a mass suicide. The BAU is called in to confirm the conclusion while helping the locals determine the reason behind the suicides.
Now I interrupt my review, because, well I admit it I fell asleep. I know I can't believe it myself. It's just the episode was a might slow. I did wake up 45 minutes in,  just in time to catch a very tasty exchange between Morgan and Hotch, regarding Hotch's trust issues and secrecy involving Strauss's drinking problems. That was worth waking up to. I continue to enjoy CM when the focus is on the team and the  interactions between members.
Episode 10, "Bittersweet Science" was, for me the best episode so far this season. Shawn Hatosy of "Southland" fame stars as Ryan Hall.  A lower tier boxer, striving for that one big break that will change his boxing luck from mediocre to great.
He is under tremendous pressure to come out a winner so that he can use the proceeds to help his son, who is dying of leukemia. He cracks under the pressure with pernicious results. Shawn Hatosy's performance was compelling and heart breaking. Charles Dutton's understated performance as Tony, Ryan's trainer was the perfect push and pull to Hatosy's. There was no sleeping during this Episode, it was that good!
CM is on Christmas Hiatus for the next two weeks. I will use my time wisely.

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