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"Oh, had I but followed the Arts"-William Shakespeare

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bits & Bobs

Happy New Year! It's out with the old (2 weeks ago) In in with the new, but I must say the end of 2011 was pretty damn good. 2012 has started well also. I'm waiting on some late December audition results. The songwriting is going well, and I've learned a few new drum techniques. I start school again on the 18th (will I ever finish? Who knows,but shall continue the fun.)
Now onto what's playing on my Mp3 and what's keeping me up at night, or putting me to sleep.
I've been listening to Litefoot a lot! I have him to thank for keeping me on the straight and narrow during the Holidays. I put his latest CD "Relentless pursuit" on my Mp3, get on the elliptical and I'm good to go. Every song is spurring me on with pulsing beats, relevant  and uplifting lyrics and catchy rhythms. I will be happy when mainstream radio finally gets it, but in the meantime Native America will continue to reap the benefits!

Now what is keeping me up at night or in this case, putting me to sleep. I just finished reading Laura Lippman's " What the Dead know"  the story of two sisters who disappear from a Mall in 1975. Years later a woman , who is being treated at a hospital after an accident, claims to be one of the missing girls.
The book starts out excruciatingly slow, but at the same time was missing the richness of adequate character development. It was sorely lacking that element ,which makes us care what happens to these people. I found the Jane Doe character really annoying, I didn't care if she was one of the missing girls or not.
The only character that was the least bit interesting was the missing girls mother, Miriam.
 I found her  sympathetic and intriguing. When the chapters were about her I was thoroughly engrossed. I wanted to get to know the other characters, but was left with wispy ghost figures.
Maybe if Ms. Lippman had spent less time convincing us how beautiful the women were, (willowy, slim ,tight ,blonde, long-legged, translucent skin) and more time on what was going on inside these characters , I might have cared what happened to them.

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