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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bits & Bobs

I have been naughtily absent from my blog. I have been very busy (said petulantly and whiny),and I'm in school (tone much the same). Seriously I had no inkling that school would make me avoid all other writing. I've tried to regain a bit more discipline and pen a few words. So, now that we are past that, on to my Bits and Bobs.
I'm working hard on my Linguistics studies, and have a few more courses to take before taking on my Interpreting tests. I have also been diligently channeling my inner Nigel Olsson, my own personal drum God! I only dream of touching his greatness.
The music that's playing in my ear while attempting to resemble someone doing homework is all things jack White. he is a modern day musical minstrel and a fearless collaborator, pushing those he works with to view their abilities through new eyes. He has worked with Loretta Lynn (Van Lear Rose) a great CD. Also Jimmy Page and of course his sister with their band "White Stripes" There is so much to choose from you will have no trouble finding something that resonates with you.
I did manage to finish a book to review for you., but this book made it easy because I could not put it down.
I'm speaking of James lee Burke's "Tin Roof Blowdown" written against the backdrop of Hurricane Katrina, Detective David Robicheaux must solve the murder of two young black men shortly after the Hurricane, add to that wiseguys, gamblers and mercenaries and you have a jarring, taut tale, that had me guessing 'til the very end. I fine tale from a fine storyteller. Detective Robicheaux is a recurring character like one of my other favs Detective Charlie Parker by another of my highly recommended writers John Connolly.
Pick up a book by one or the other and you will not be disappointed.

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