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Friday, March 2, 2012

Bits & Bobs

New month, new goings on. In my head it's Spring and that's a great place to be. I have returned from Winter Break refreshed (not really)  I've got a busy month ahead. Career-wise the next two months I will be involved in the Playwrights Festival. I will be involved in a one-act play. I haven't done Theatre for about six years, so it's very exciting for me and a little uncomfortable, which is great. The Theatre approach really stretches my acting muscles.
A little side note, I have suspended my "Criminal Minds" reviews, because of a lack of time. I'm fully involved in school, so I am behind in watching CM episodes. I don't know when I will resume.
Now onto what I'm reading and what's playing in my ear. I like to listen to music when I'm doing my homework, working on jewelry  and of course in the car. That's a must. In heavy rotation in "Traffic", I have always loved this band. Steve Winwood  has a fantastic voice, it has such warmth and electricity to it. He's album "Arc of a Diver" is marvelous beginning to end.
I just finished reading Dean Koontzs' "What the Night Knows" It has been quite a while since I have read any of his books. I have to say, it was like visiting an old friend or a familiar place that you haven't been to in a while, but can't recall what kept you away.
I love being scared and Dean Koontz like John Connolly fit the bill when I'm in need of a little fright.
"What the Night Knows" gave me a serious case of the night-time heebie jeebies. Koontz introduces us to serial killer Alton Turner Blackwood. Detective John Calvino in a horrific twist of fate, has the bad luck of running head on into Blackwood, changing his life forever. Just when he thinks he has come out the other side whole, he's faced with the very past he thought was left behind. The evil that is Alton Turner Blackwood resurfaces in a whole new way. Proving to Detective Calvino that evil never dies, it simply waits for an invitation.
"What the Night Knows" what a fast and scary read. Was it perfect? No. Their were moments when the set up for the ending was blatantly obvious. The ending was a little disappointing and sloppy, but the story was engrossing up until then. I couldn't put it down, so I would say it's worth a go.

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