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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Power of Love

It's late, but finally here. My Reel of the week is 2007's "Far North". It's the story of two women, Saiva (Michelle Yeoh) and Anja (Michelle Krusiec) who are pounding a life out of the Arctic Tundra, isolated from the rest of the World. The reason they are there, is revealed in Flashbacks. They are dependent on one another for survival and emotional sustenance.
Their lives are turned irreversibly upside down by the appearance of Loki (Sean Bean), a soldier escaping his own fate who ends up lost and freezing on the frozen Tundra.
For one woman, he represents hope and a glimpse into a life she knows nothing about, but desperately wants to experience. To the other woman it's something completely different, but for both, he  unleashes unimaginable devastation.
This movie stayed in my head for days after watching it. The story was compelling and impactful. The acting was top-notch.
This movie is not for everyone, but everyone will take away something from it. It's about those universal emotions that make us human .

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