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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

'What Fresh Hell is this?"

Once a month I will be writing a review of one of my favorite movies.(in no particular order). The Reel for this week is 1981's "Das Boot". I first saw this movie on it's theatrical release.
Jurgen Prochnow stars as Capt.Henrich lehmann-Willenbrock, the Captain of a U-boat during WWII. Captain Willenbrock is sent with his crew on a search and destroy mission. The crew is young and inexperienced, Captain Willenbrock is seasoned and war-weary. He looks into the fresh, naive faces of his charges and must walk that fine line between being the no-nonsense leader and the empathetic father figure.
The track record during WWII for U-boats returning safe with their crew is dismal. Captain Willenbrock is fully aware of this fact, but must suppress his jaded view of Hitler's war. 
The cinematography is stark and vivid. "Das Boot" is riveting with edge of your seat suspense, you get the full brunt of the claustrophobic closeness of being crammed into what is essentially an underwater tin can.
For those who have never seen it, "Das Boot" is a must see. For those who have already seen it, it's definitely worth a second look.
I was in my 20's when I first saw it. Watching it years later as the person I am now, was like seeing it for the first time.
My one recommendation is , please see it in it's original form, which is  in German with sub-titles. It lose the directors vision in the dubbed version.

Watch "Das Boot" on a quiet evening, you'll need time to come down from the suspense and digest it all.

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