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Sunday, May 20, 2012

More like Basket Case!!

My Reel of the week is 1999's "The Basket" The story takes place in 1918 during WW1. Two young German siblings Brigitta (Amber Willenborg) and Helmut (Eric Dane) Brink, whose parents were killed during the War are sent to America and placed in an internment camp. Later they are taken in by the pastor of a small Pacific Northwest town. The town is less than thrilled to have the "enemy" in their midst.
Peter Coyote plays Martin Conlon, also new to the town. He is from Boston and is hired on as the towns new teacher. He is a bit of a mystery man, his past vague and veiled. Martin attempts to introduce the towns children to new things, including Opera and a new game called Basketball.
This movie is touted as being a "Family Film" and "Award winning" also "Heartwarming" etc, etc. It touched on prejudice during that time. It really tried to....Oh, hell who am I kidding, it was just bad. It was simplistic, tedious and disjointed. It relied on every cliche in the book. The bully, the outsider, the town meanie, the strong but silent wife of the meanie, the innocent child who brings the town together, I could go on. It used them all, believe me ALL of them.
Peter Coyote's character was from Boston, but his accent was a so "trying too hard" Boston accent that it was just annoying and distracting.
I think it was trying so hard to be a "Family" film that it lost all credibility. The plot was so dumbed-down it came across as being just Hokey. Instead of feeling enlightened I just felt cheated out of an hour and a half.
I shall shake it off and move forward, albeit snarkily!

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