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"Oh, had I but followed the Arts"-William Shakespeare

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bits & Bobs

Time to check in on what I'm tapping my feet to, staying up late with and getting a paycheck for. I just finished filming a commercial for Powerpay. I play a shopper in a La Di Da Boutique. It was short and sweet, fun and I was well paid. I've also just finished my round of auditions for the Summer Theatre season. All that is left is awaiting the results and reaping what ever fruits grow from my labors.
Now onto what was keeping me up nights. I just turned the last page on my latest read. Jeffrey Deavers' "EDGE: Corte is a senior federal protection officer, called on to protect the life of a Washington D.C. police detective who has been targeted by lifter Henry Loving. Corte has run afoul of Loving before. Loving Killed Cortes' partner a few years before. He has made it his business to get into the psyche of Loving. but no plan is perfect. If Corte wants to keep his charge alive, he and his team will have to keep one step ahead of Loving. I literally could not put it down. It was a slick and  taut cat and mouse game. I hate when I am forced to speak out loud, carrying on a conversation with an inanimate object, namely the book I'm reading. Uttering nonsensical statements like, "Oh, my god..don't" or "don't you know...", but there I was , shaking my book trying to knock some sense into it. Jeffrey Deaver is a great story teller. He manages to fully immerse you in the lives of his characters. You find yourself rooting for them and hoping for the best. EDGE is a tale with dozens of twists and turns and a surprise around every corner. Bravo Mr. Deaver!

My Mp3 player is playing the many incarnations of Chris Cornell, "Soundgarden", "Audio Slave" and his solo sountrack work. I love his voice, it floats down over me until I feel it head to toe. He's one of those singers that begs you to listen with your eyes closed, so you can really soak it all in.  Especially songs like : "I am the Highway" and "Black Hole Sun" I've been listening to those songs for years, and they never grow old for me.

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