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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Brave stand, Down Under

My Reel of the week is 1990's "Quigley Down Under " This movie is on  my top fifty favorite movies list, it satisfies on so many levels.  I love Westerns, this fits the bill, even though it takes place in Australia. It's a story full of depth and heart and stars one of my top picks for movie cowboys, Tom Selleck. He plays the title role of Matthew Quigley a sharp shooter from Montana who answers a newspaper ad initiated by ranch owner Elliott Marston (Alan Rickman) Upon his arrival he meets Cora ( played flawlessly, achingly & amazingly by Laura San Giacomo.) a deeply troubled woman who mistakes Quigley for her long lost husband, Roy. She clings to Quigley like another appendage, much to his consternation.
Once Quigley arrives at Marston's ranch, he learns what his sharp shooting skills are needed for: Marston want Quigley to clear his land of the indigenous Aboriginal people who reside on the outer edge of Marston's land.
This goes against everything Quigley believes in, and shakes him to his core. He wastes no words, letting Marston know his feelings on the matter. This makes him public enemy #1, and Cora joins him. She's guilty by association.
They find themselves on the run in the harsh heat and desolation of the Australian outback. trailed by Marston and his ranch hands, determined to eliminate Quigley and cease his meddling in the laws of British rule in the bush. The Aboriginal story is the same horror story told time and time again with Indigenous people all over the world. The movie does give you a sense of the beauty of Aboriginal culture.
Tom Selleck is a scholar at playing the brave, moral, sensitive cowboy. In all his roles, he has an air about him, he is so...dare I say it? Gallant! Yes I said it. That is the most apt word to describe his performances, it comes through in all his acting roles.
"Quigley Down Under" satiates the Western girl in me, even though it's firmly planted Down Under.

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