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Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Mirror, Mirror on the.....Yeah Whatever"

My Reel of the Week is this year's "Snow White & The Huntsman" The retelling of the brothers Grimm "Snow White". This was a chance to do something fresh and unexpected. They definitely took the tale down a darker road then Disney chose.
We all know the story, so that was no surprise. Kristin Stewart plays the title role. It was a stretch,but she tried her best to rise to the occasion. She did have some good moments, but overall it was mostly lackluster.
Chris Hemsworth was cast as the Huntsman. He did well with what he was given, but hey, he was a lovely sight.
Charlize Theron was the Queen. She was appropriately shrill and evil. Some reviewers questioned  the fact that the mirror on the wall was voiced by a male. I thought it was perfect casting.  Drawing from real life and the role that males play as barometer of self-worth and self-esteem for some women.
The real stars of "Snow White & The Huntsman" were the seven dwarfs and the landscape. Cinematically , "Snow White" was a triumph, it was visually a Smorgasbord. The dwarfs were funny , well fleshed out & endearing.
"Snow White" delivered if you lower your expectations and just soak in the visuals (That includes Mr. Hemsworth). Bask in the landscapes and enjoy the dwarfs.
In retelling the "Snow White" tale , Hollywood was presented with an opportunity to show a multi-cultural view of the oft told tale, but sadly it chose to continue the one dimensional , colorless version.
As an aside saw "Prometheus" today and evidently, their are no women of color in 2089, and Charlize Theron thought she was still the Queen, Oh well, we still have the Lion King .

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