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Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Batman: The Dark Knight Rises"......INDEED!

My Reel of the week is 2012's "BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES". Christian Bale reprises his role as Batman, for the 3rd and final time and I am grateful. :).
The opening scenes were full of unexpected excitement.You are immediately introduced to Gotham City's latest foe, BANE. From there, DARK KNIGHT RISES Keeps your adrenalin flowing. Can Gotham free Itself from BANE'S grasp or will it fall into a nuclear winter. Has Batman met his match?
Christian Bale delivers the tortured BRUCE WAYNE we all know and love with an added side of sizzle. Ann Hathaway plays Selina, AKA Catwoman . I was back & forth regarding her performance. Her first scenes, definitely seemed awkward  and forced, even a bit wimpy. She found her way as the movie progressed, but I think what was missing was maturity and the world weariness she needed to bring to the role.Tom Hardy played the villain BANE. He was fantastic , his character was full of anger and menace, but I hoped for his redemption. The only downside? Sometimes the mask his character wears made some of his dialogue difficult to decipher.
Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, who has been steadily growing as an actor since I first saw him in "A River Runs Through It" in 1992, plays BLAKE. A cop who is still full of idealism and firmly believes that good always conquers evil, that right and wrong are always clearly delineated.

Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman return as COMMISSIONER GORDON and FOX, the President of Wayne enterprises. Both do not disappoint and give impeccable performances. My favorite of all is Michael Caine as ALFRED, BATMAN'S biggest champion and ever faithful attendant & confidant. Michael Caine gave his usual flawless & moving performance.
DARK KNIGHT RISES was chock a block with action. I loved all the bat....stuff!!!
Lots of things exploding and actually a few great surprises and plot twists.
This may be the swan song for Christian Bale & Chris Nolan's BATMAN, but they left plenty of room for the franchise to continue. Kudos all around.

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