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Friday, August 10, 2012

Bits & Bobs

Here we are in the dog days of Summer, I find it hard to believe that is already August. It's been a bit quiet on the acting side of things. I finished my second commercial for CMP. Both are currently airing. I'm seriously wishing for residuals, go. Looking forward to continuing my ASL schooling, hoping my class will be offered this semester. I have a call back in October for an independent film I auditioned for in June. Wishing my self luck.
I will be on vacation the end of August, I'm off to Dublin for my very first overseas trip. I plan to video blog my daily exploits & adventures. I will also be attending the release of one of my favorite authors John Connolly's latest book,  "Wrath of Angels" while there. I will post plenty of pics.
I have had lots of time to read and am enjoying every minute. I just finished Lisa Gardner's "The Neighbor" I have read many of Lisa's books and have never been disappointed. "The Neighbor" kept that record intact. 
Sandy is a twenty-three year old teacher who comes home from a typical day with her four year old daughter Clarissa. She tends to the mundane, everyday rituals of her life. Grading papers, fixing dinner, bath time for Clarissa, stories & kisses, time for bed. Her husband Jason comes home after working overtime to find his wife has disappeared and his daughter alone, sleeping in her bed.
Detective Sargent DD Warren must figure out if the old cliche "the husband did it" holds true, because the life of a child is in the balance. Sandy's husbands past has holes big enough to drive a truck through. What's he hiding and does his past hold the answer to Sandy's disappearance? Lisa serves up a virtual smorgasbord of suspects.
Lisa Gardner's writing style, fully evolved characters and clever plot twists kept me reading. I finished it in two days, because I had to find out what happened. I wasn't disappointed. I don't think you will be either.
I also had lots of time for listening to great new music and spending time with some of my favorites. This week I have hung out with Dave Matthews listening to his CD "Some Devil". Most of the tracks are stellar particularly "Up & Away" and "Gravedigger". Roxy Music as usual is in heavy rotation "dance away" & "Love is the drug" were on, with a smattering of old school XTC and one of my favorites by them is "Mayor of simpleton" silly, but loads of fun, and there's nothing wrong with loads of fun!

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