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Monday, August 27, 2012

"Liberty, honor & justice....with a body count"

This week I'm reviewing one of my top favorite movies. This one is definitely in my top 10 faves. It's 1999's "The Secret Laughter of Women". I absolutely love this movie. I've literally lost count of how many times I have watched it. It causes joy to just bubble up inside every time.

Nia Long plays Nimi Da Silva, a young Nigerian woman raising a son with the help of her mother and extended family living as expatriates in the South of France. It is a close knit Nigerian Community full of culture and rich with tradition.
 Nimi's mother desperately want her to marry and legitimize her young son. She sets her sights on the new minister of their church to wed her daughter and save her grandson's reputation.
Nimi's son Sammy is a precocious and adventurous boy, who lives for his favorite comic book character "Saracen", a space hero who rids the world of recombinants. Quite by accident Sammy finds himself standing at the front door of Matthew Fields (Colin Firth) the author of the "Saracen" comics, who writes and vacations in the South of France.
Sammy become enamored of Matthew, wanting to spend every waking moment with the creator of his hero. He wants Matthew to marry his mother and rescue her. Matthew's curiosity is peaked so he engineers a meeting and finds himself mesmerized and smitten with Nimi.
What ensues is calamity for Nimi, her mother and the entire community. Nigerian custom forbids fraternizing with the whites and Nimi's mother is beside herself. Chastising Nimi with proverbs which are stinging, humorous and loving all at the same time. Nimi must choose between love, tradition and honor.
Colin Firth is sexy, funny and charismatic as Matthew and Nia Long is every bit his equal. Their chemistry is palpable. 
"Secret Laughter..." is warm, and full of love and humor. I reach for this movie again and again when I need a laugh, a cry or the joy to bubble up.

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