Moments of escape can be moments of clarity!

"Oh, had I but followed the Arts"-William Shakespeare

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do in Dublin Day 2

Hey I'm getting the hang of it. Got lost 3 times yesterday, today ...not once.  I had breakfast again at the lovely Bewley's . The Irish yogurt with honey and almonds was fantastic. I went music shopping, found this cute little shop called "Secret Book & Record store" It was stuffed full of lots of books and racks of CD & DVD's. After I went to the PowersCourt which is a mall that's a castle...interesting. I lastly went to the National museum of History it was incredible. I stopped on the way and listened to a street band called "Key West" bought their CD, then exhausted trudged home. The chips (crisps) were hunky Dory and the snack was.....a snack


  1. Great pic's! I'm thinking the crisps were the S--T!

    1. They definitely were, had another bag today!