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"Oh, had I but followed the Arts"-William Shakespeare

Monday, September 3, 2012

Do in Dublin Day 3

Today was Hella,  It was so hot I felt like I was seriously melting. All the walking didn't help. Went to breakfast at Bewleys, had a nice chat with a local about politics. He told me to enjoy my visit, but watch my backpack, but in a funny way he said "they'll steal your eyeballs and a week later, come back for your eyelashes". I had planned to head for St. Michan's church, but got so freaking lost, I missed the tour time and my feet were hurting like a MF. So in the words of the band Atmosphere (one of my faves) "When life gives you lemons, paint that shit Gold" I looked to see what was near me. Ended up going to the wax museum and Iveagh Gardens. The wax museum was quirky and corny, but fun. The gardens were beautiful, although not really a flower garden, more of a greenery and statue garden with a myriad of twisty, turny paths. I hobbled back to my Hotel anxious for a shower. Tomorrow? Better planning and a longer look at the map!
The "statues" I'm standing next to were REAL people. They would move when you put change into the container in front of them. It was freaky!
The pink door was a gay bar called "Dragon"


  1. I always say getting lost is best way to discover unexpected treasures!

  2. I totally agree, just having a problem convincing my feet of that.