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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do in Dublin Day 5

Today was another unexpected day. I started out intending once again to head to St. Michan's church, but got way laid by a sign for Dublin castle. I was intrigued so off I went. They normally charge 12 Euros for the tour. Lucky me today was free. I knew there was a reason I got way laid. It was so regal & extravagantly flamboyant. Above is Queen Victoria's throne. The building with the 2 blue doors is where Bram Stoker worked. Underneath are remnants of the castle front entrance that was built in 1204. It was all pretty amazing. Tomorrow I am off to Glendalough, the oldest monastic settlement in Ireland. Then Thursday evening is John Connolly's launch for BOOKS TO DIE FOR. Drinkies???

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