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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Do in Dublin Days 7 & 8

My Glorious days in Dublin are starting to wind down. I combined 7 & 8 because I was too tired to upload the photos from Day 7 until today. I spent day 7 leisurely. I slept late and headed to my beloved "Bewley's" I have fallen in love with the atmosphere and history of that cafe. It's been open since the 1700's. I took some pics of the memorbilia on the wall. I loved the poem written about 'Bewely's". If you can't read it. Here it is:
                                           Bewley's I have boasted of your roasting coffee
                                            I have told the thirsty travellers,
                                            that seek the way. To make for fabled
                                            Oriental cafe, settle down to heaven for
                                            the day.
                                            I didn't mean to seem a statue
                                            milky white & overripe,staring blindly at you.
                                            I am dull until you find me fascinating.
                                            Why bother, when beside you sits
                                            a thousand-eater bedlam
                                            locked inside my talk of Bewley's
                                            scene of all my finest failures.
                                            She has never haunted me or taunted me for lies
It will be among my fondest memories.  After lunch I headed for the little museum of Dublin. This museum covers just the 1900's. It was quaint and for such a small museum it was stocked with history. They devoted on a whole room to the history of the band U2.
On Day 8, I finally had victory in getting to St. Michan's. It was a fantastic crescendo to my visit. Our tour guide Rory was appropriately mysterious & creepy when describing the church & the vaults containing the mummified remains of many of Dublin's most influential 17th, 18th & 19th century families. 
There aren't many pictures, because we weren't supposed to take pics, but I did'nt know. When I found out I stopped. It was one of the more fascinating tours of my trip. We got to rub the hand of one of the soldiers encrypted there. It's supposed to be good luck.
I took more pics of the fabulous architecture of Dublin. The buildings are so beautiful. I took some pics of the horses who take tourists around town, especially for my sister. Horsey pictures.
Tomorrow I start the packing process, and get ready to leave my beloved Dublin. I have fallen in love.

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  1. Wow,what a trip to remember. It's as if I was there with you (many times wishing I actually was). Thanks for the horsey pics, dear sister. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to do this. It definitely is something that feeds the soul! Can't wait to talk to you. "Think of home." Love you!