Moments of escape can be moments of clarity!

"Oh, had I but followed the Arts"-William Shakespeare

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bits & Bobs

It's Bits & Bobs time again. Sometimes it takes me a bit to regain my discipline.  I promise this blog post will be less ranty. Just a chat about books, music & acting.

I am still diligently working towards my ASL certification. I am currently working with an online finger spelling course to improve my reading skills. Other than that, it is practice, practice, practice. I hope to return to University in January.

On the acting front. I just finished a course on "Interactive Acting", a fantastic class. I'm strappin' on my tool belt. I currently have two electric company commercials running, but you will only recognize me if you really know me well. I hope to continue with some Acting workshops this winter. In the Spring I will be involved in the Playwrights festival again. Whatever comes my way is a blessing.

Now onto the business of reading (and a lovely business it is). I have just finished Lisa Gardner's "Say Goodbye". It was fantastically creepy. I promptly devoured it in three days. For me, the sign of a great book is when I put it down, I am already thinking about how soon I will be able to pick it up again. "Say Goodbye" is in that category.
Kimberley Quincy lives and breathes the FBI. She is an agent who works tirelessly & diligently and until the job is done. She learned from her father: an FBI profiler. Her husband Mac understands her all too well. He works for the ATF. A match made in heaven. They feel they have the formula for marriage success. Kimberley is now pregnant with their first child. She knows their are decisions to be made, but all that is put on the back burner when she is called in to speak to  Delilah Rose: a prostitute who believes that a serial killer prowls amongst her kind and her friends are disappearing. Kimberly is distrustful of Delilah, but none the less feels drawn to this case. After all her own mother and sister were victims of a serial killer. Her need to see this case through and her association with Delilah, leads Kimberly down a terrifying road of torture, murder, child abduction and the creepy, crawly kind of serial killer that profilers write about. She finds her marriage, pregnancy and life in danger.
Lisa Gardner flawlessly does it again. I didn't want "Say Goodbye" to end, but alas I couldn't put it down.
U.K cover

I have moved on to my next read, but if you're like me, sometimes you have trouble picking your next read. If you love mysteries, I have the perfect book.
While I was in Dublin, I attended a book launch for my fave writer & friend John Connolly. It is a compilation of essays by mystery writers about their favorite mysteries. An dictionary of ...mystery.  It's called BOOKS TO DIE FOR. It's edited by John &  writer Declan Burke. Now instead of wandering about the bookstores wondering what to read. You can simply open up BOOKS TO DIE FOR and you can read about 122 different books and open up 122 possibilities and make 122 new friends or perhaps rediscover some old friends.
U.S. cover

I can't close without letting you know what moves me lately on the musical realm. I have gone either quite senile or quite nostalgic. take your pick. I have been drawn to the heavenly strains of Led Zeppelin & The Band. As a drummer I am rather fond of the magic of John Bonham & Levon Helm. Ahh taste the magic. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


This weeks Reel is 2006's THE FALL. I approached this film reluctantly, because I am not a fan of films that bounce back in forth between two different storylines.
My daughter convinced me to give it a try.
I'm so very glad I did. THE FALL takes place in 1920's Los Angeles. Roy Walker (Lee Pace) a stuntman is paralyzed in an accident and is recuperating in a hospital.He is anti-social and despondent over his injuries. Alexandria  (Cantica Untaru) is a 9 year old , who is also recovering from a fall. She is intrigued by the mystery that surrounds Roy. The doctors who come to his bed, whispering, and the seemingly famous people who drop by.
All day long the nurses attentions are fixed squarely on the adults recuperating around her. Alexandria is left to her own devices most of the day. Unable to contain her curiosity, she slips into the adult ward to visit Roy. At first he finds her a nuisance, but slowly he draws her to him with a daily weaving of tales. His stories excite her with their color & whimsey.

 Tarem Singh,   the Director of THE FALL, draws you into the tales with overly bright  & vivid  colors and child-like dialogue. You see the story through Alexandria's eyes.
Roy's daily tales bring joy to Alexandria's otherwise dull & boring hospital stay.
He plies her with cliffhangers to leave her wanting more. He has his own selfish reasons for gaining her confidence. 
Cantica Untaru is magical as Alexandria. Her exuberance & innocence is intoxicating. She was a wonder.
Lee Pace's Roy was played brilliantly. I found myself as drawn to him as Alexandria was. But as an adult I was keen to his deceptions. It was a subtle dramatic irony, a slow dawning. At times I found him calculating & manipulative, but I started to see him through Alexandria's eyes and he was transformed.
THE FALL was part love story, part fable. A vivid wondrous journey through the eyes of an enchanting 9 year old.