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Sunday, November 4, 2012


This weeks Reel is 2006's THE FALL. I approached this film reluctantly, because I am not a fan of films that bounce back in forth between two different storylines.
My daughter convinced me to give it a try.
I'm so very glad I did. THE FALL takes place in 1920's Los Angeles. Roy Walker (Lee Pace) a stuntman is paralyzed in an accident and is recuperating in a hospital.He is anti-social and despondent over his injuries. Alexandria  (Cantica Untaru) is a 9 year old , who is also recovering from a fall. She is intrigued by the mystery that surrounds Roy. The doctors who come to his bed, whispering, and the seemingly famous people who drop by.
All day long the nurses attentions are fixed squarely on the adults recuperating around her. Alexandria is left to her own devices most of the day. Unable to contain her curiosity, she slips into the adult ward to visit Roy. At first he finds her a nuisance, but slowly he draws her to him with a daily weaving of tales. His stories excite her with their color & whimsey.

 Tarem Singh,   the Director of THE FALL, draws you into the tales with overly bright  & vivid  colors and child-like dialogue. You see the story through Alexandria's eyes.
Roy's daily tales bring joy to Alexandria's otherwise dull & boring hospital stay.
He plies her with cliffhangers to leave her wanting more. He has his own selfish reasons for gaining her confidence. 
Cantica Untaru is magical as Alexandria. Her exuberance & innocence is intoxicating. She was a wonder.
Lee Pace's Roy was played brilliantly. I found myself as drawn to him as Alexandria was. But as an adult I was keen to his deceptions. It was a subtle dramatic irony, a slow dawning. At times I found him calculating & manipulative, but I started to see him through Alexandria's eyes and he was transformed.
THE FALL was part love story, part fable. A vivid wondrous journey through the eyes of an enchanting 9 year old.

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