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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Music was the Core of his soul"

My Reel of the week was suggested by sister.  It is the Documentary chronicling the life of musician & former Basketball player Wayman Tisdale.
The Story is short, but amazing, uplifting & unforgettable. It wasn't that Wayman did extraordinary things. It was his very being, his bigger than life personality and his infectious positivity.
He grew up the son of Weldon Tisdale, a minister who taught his children to always look beyond themselves. To always try to bring a smile to peoples faces.
Wayman carried that with him wherever he went: the basketball court, church,  & school.
He discovered music in church. Bass became his means of expression. It seemed to speak to him. He had an ear for it. Being left handed started as a problem. Living in Tulsa,Oklahoma in the 60's , finding a left handed bass was next to impossible. Wayman didn't miss a beat, he simply turned it upside down and went on his way.
The world saw him as a basketball player who happened to play bass, but Wayman knew he was a bass player who managed to fit basketball playing into his schedule. Music was where his heart was. He said "Music penetrates the soul". When you listen to his music, you definitely feel that love wash over you.
When Cancer entered Wayman's life, he leaned on those lessons his father taught him. He dealt with Cancer, the way he dealt with everything in his life. Positivity, optimism, music & love, became his anchors to bring him through the hard times.
Wayman's unending joy of life was inspirational.
"Cryin' for Me"
At the end of the story I felt joy (after a boat load of tears). I felt like I could be a  better person just by having watched the story of his life and my problems seemed very small indeed. Above is the link for singer Toby Keith's tribute song  "Cryin' for Me"

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