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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bits & Bobs

Ah, the laziness of Winter, But I am back and I survived the BLIZZARD OF 2013! It brought back memories of living in Alaska, but not in a good way. I felt like I was in that episode of "I love Lucy" when the foursome got snowed in in the Swiss Alps with only one candy bar in Lucy's backpack.
I was hunkered down for 2 days, so I did the things I love to do: Read, played music & watched movies.
I breezed through "The interruption of Everything" by Terry McMillan. I am a die hard Murder & Mayhem gal, but in between I thoroughly enjoy a historical saga or love story. Kind of like a palate cleanser. I quite like Terri McMillan she writes about our very human dramas, and gets to the nitty-gritty of human emotion, reminiscent of Maeve Binchy & Bebe Campbell, both much-loved & missed writers.
In "Interruption" Marilyn is a Black, upper class wife & mother, who from the outside, seems to be living the dream. A nice house, handsome husband and children who are well educated & grown & living on their own. Her 44th birthday looming large, Marilyn is taking stock. Turning her life this way & that. Searching for the meaning. She is ruminating on things not yet done,and missed opportunities . She works part-time at a craft store to fill her hours.
Her Best friends, Bunny & Paulette anchor her and help her keep it real. 
When Marilyn's whole world rocks & falls off it's foundation, they are there to help her analyze her truth and decide whether to rebuild the old foundation or create a new one.
Terry's characters are rich and fully developed. I enjoyed getting to know them and care about them. Hell, I wanted to be part of Marilyn's circle of friends.
I am in the age range of Marilyn and her friends and facing some of the same twists & turns of life,
I don't know if I would make some of the same decisions. I suspect Marilyn is a bit more evolved & forgiving then I. "Interruption", was a fast-moving & entertaining read. A perfect Amuse-Bouche,before I dive back into my twisted world of Murder & Mayhem. 

Now, in my reality, school is plodding along very slowly. I seem to find life getting in the way of my life.
I am gearing up for Maine Playwrights Festival, part deux. Auditions are under way and I'm excited to find out how I will be stretching myself as an artist this year. I am always open to new ways to use my acting tools.
Since Winter has been plodding along and unwilling to unleash it's grip. I have had many weekends of musical bliss.
Because of my deep craving for sun & warmth, my musical choices seem to reflect sun & warmth.
A lot of UB40: 

And of course Bob Marley:

  "Every'ting gon be alright"

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