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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Know what you're thinking Tony Stark....." 'Cos we're connected"

The Summer Blockbuster season has officially started, so naturally I was first in line like the movie geek I am. So my Reel of the week is  the third installment of the IRON MAN series.
Robert Downey Jr reprises his role as Tony Stark, the witty, insomnolent Industrialist who's alter ego, IRON MAN, champions the downtrodden & abused, constantly asking himself the question: "Am I IRON MAN or is IRON MAN me?"

Tony Stark's glib dismissal of a scientist's idea that would have gotten him in on the ground floor of an incredible breakthrough, comes back to haunt not only him,but the love of his life & his voice of reason Penny Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow).
This installment brings to the screen, IRON MANS comic book foe ,Mandarin, the head of a terrorist organization that strikes globally.
This 3rd installment is spirited, clever & action-packed. Tony Stark's humor is front & center. Robert Downey Jr has a way of delivering a line, that simply defines the word snarky. It's razor sharp.
Don Cheadle is once again in the role of Colonel Rhodes, aka Iron Patriot, the liaison between IRON MAN & the government. He & Stark have some laugh out loud tete a tetes, which added warmth & a sense of comaraderie to the storyline.
There was action galore & the special effects were absolutely amazing.
It even managed to throw a few plot-line curve balls. Ben Kingsley's performance being one of them. 
Their were a couple of scenes that bordered on throw away scenes. One at the beginning of the movie, involving a plane and one nearly at the end. they were just superfluous & over the top.
All in all, IRON MAN 3 was great fun. I really don't think that it would have been nearly as good without Robert Downey Jr. He is definitely IRON MAN. His perfect blend of wit, vulnerability & sexiness, pulls you into the story and makes you believe.
So plunk down a few bucks this weekend, if you just want to have some rollicking good fun for a few hours & laugh your ass off & also see some fantastic special effects and on top of that a clever story. If you look behind you, I will probably be there for a second helping of snarky!


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