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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bits & Bobs

The Sweetheart of Summer is over. The coming of September always feels like a beginning & an ending at the same time. I've enjoyed the slower pace of the Summer months. Although their was no vacation for me this year, I still managed to carve out a little relaxation. I took a break from Theater, although I continued to hone my acting chops with Crowbait Club.  
It's been a Summer of songwriting, which I had moved away from for a time.
September it's back to school. I will be taking a few courses: The History of Architecture, Physical Theater & in January I will continue with my ASL course, with Medical Interpreting.
I spent the lions share of my Summer, reading. I read so much , that I think I could write a book review every week for five years & not have to read a new book. My bedroom has stacks of books on every available surface. Hopefully time will be kind and allow me to fill my heart & mind with every single one.
I recently finished John Sanford's "STORM PREY"
He has 24 books that contain the word Prey, it made me suspicious in an irrational way. STORM PREY is number 22. I was given it as a gift, so decided to try it.
I will usually give a book between 50 & 100 pages to grab me. After all life is short. STORM PREY hit early and hit hard.
The book continues with the recurring character of Detective Lucas Davenport & his wife , surgeon Weather Karkinnen. Dr. Karkinnen, unwittingly witnesses one of the players in a violent robbery at the Hospital where she is employed. The thieves are ruthless in their attempt to tie up all loose ends, including ant potential witnesses, but they have no idea that by pursuing Dr. Karkinnen, they will bring down the wrath of Lucas Davenport.
The thieves not only have to contend with Davenport, they must grapple with one another. STORM PREY is the poster child for the saying "No honor among thieves". This "easy" robbery becomes a violent struggle to determine who comes out on top and who will be left standing.
I read that the PREY novels, which started in 1998, run consecutively, but I didn't feel like I was missing anything. The book did make some references to prior events, but they weren't germane to the telling of the story.
All in all PREY was a fast-paced, easy read. Will I read some of other 22? I probably will.
I think my only criticism was the fact that some male (and female) writers, feel the need to dwell on the physical attributes of the female characters. I think John Sanford described Weather Karkinnen as "Blond & attractive" at least six times, while I still have no idea what Lucas Davenport looks like. Just a "What's up with that" moment.

Well, now onto what I've been listening to this Summer. I've had a chance to give a listen to some new artists. I tend to write down the names of artist that have been mentioned to me or I have read about, for later perusal.

One is Indian/Samoan artist Aaradhna:

Also Mali artist fatoumata diawara:
The list is long, so I shall continue, but you enjoy & spread the music. So much little time

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