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Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's been Chronicled...It's not Pitch Black

My Reel for this week is 2013's RIDDICK: RULE THE DARK. Richard Riddick (Vin Diesel) is back. The guy everyone in the galaxy is after.
The latest installment continues the storylines from both PITCHBLACK & THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK.

RIDDICK's tenuous reign as leader of the Necromancer's is betrayed by those wishing his power. Dangling information about his homeland, he is tricked  and left on an abandoned, desolate, dangerous planet. He sends out a rescue beacon from a deserted outpost, not realizing he is also hailing bounty hunters anxious to collect the price on his head. Two separate teams land and must battle not only RIDDICK & each other, but also the creatures who own the planet's night hours.
RIDDICK:RULE THE DARK is everything you expect from the franchise. Vin Diesel is pumped, ferocious,pitiless & at times a little wooden in the acting department. The part is tailor made for him.
Matt Nable who plays BOSS JOHNS, the head of one of the bounty teams, adds depth to an otherwise formulaic story. Their are some cliche dynamics between the two teams, but some good stuff & unexpected humor.
Katee Sackhoff  plays DAHL, the only female on the teams. You know, the tough blond, kick ass...blah, blah. Pretty much a clone of her character on "BattleStar Galactica".
Which gets me on the subject of the lack of women of color in Sci-Fi & Fantasy movies..well really movies in general. I can count on one hand the Sci-Fi or Fantasy movies that have a Black woman in a lead or major role. Yes I know CHRONICLES had Thandie Newton & that was great, but merely a drop in the bucket. RIDDICK:RULE THE DARK went to the trouble of casting a Black woman, but within three minutes of coming on the screen, she was dead.
I have loved Sci-Fi since seeing "THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN" in 1971. I am a huge Sci-Fi, Fantasy fan. I love the action, fear inducing tension & gore. I am not interested in the sort of banal romance they throw in to entice women. 
Hollywood is really missing the mark, when they neglect women & minorities in Sci-Fi. 
RIDDICK had some really good moments, but we are into the 4th installment, let's get to great. I also don't want to believe that in the future , Black women are extinct. If we go by Hollywood movies...we already are.

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