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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nine Realms & One Hammer

The Reel this week is 2013's THOR:THE DARK WORLD. I always look forward to indulging my inner Geek & Marvel Comics certainly fit the bill.
THOR (Chris Hemsworth) is back on Asgard, pining for Jane who he left on Earth. Loki has been imprisoned, grumpy & full of snide remarks.
 King Odin wants peace & for THOR to ready himself for the Throne that is his birthright. Peace is fleeting ,for the Dark Elves are in search of what is rightfully theirs: revenge & the dark matter known as Aether. When both are obtained, they will destroy Asgard & all nine Realms. 
The Aether the Dark Elves seek, turns up in a most unexpected place & THOR must decide if he is to face the onslaught on his own or put faith in his traitorous brother LOKI (Tom Hiddleston) to help him defend Asgard & all he holds dear.
THOR:THE DARK WORLD made my geek heart soar. It had grand battles, lots of Hammer throwing & other-worldly Kingdoms of dark and light and gold interspersed with clever humor.
Tom Hiddleston & Chris Hemsworth had great moments of brotherly banter. Idris Elba returned as Heimdall the loyal gatekeeper of Asgard.
The Lusty side of my geek, was rewarded with just enough beautiful manliness without being gratuitous. 
My only complaint is once again the lack of women of color. We are still extinct when it comes to fantasy & Sci-Fi. It's frustrating & disappointing.
I did enjoy THOR in all it's comic book delight! A little FYI, don't be in a rush when the credits roll.....stay a while.

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