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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bits & Bobs & Larry and Hozier....

It seems like October just slipped through my fingers. As Fall approaches I think it actually makes my Blood sluggish, well, that's my story (excuse) for neglecting my Blog and I am stickin' to it. The chill in the air (indoors because I haven't turned on the heat yet.) is telling me that my least favorite season is on it's way. I tend to hibernate a bit once the snow starts falling. I have stockpiled Books, music,digestives and wine for the months ahead.
Things have been quiet on the Acting side of things. I have done some work with the fabulous Bluestocking Film  people, who have always been in my corner and work hard for diversity in film. Since my Blog post about THE CAST OF MAINE  there's been a chill in the air from the community.

I have finished with formal ASL classes & am taking some online classes to improve my reading, which continues to be my weak point. If I can master that, I will finally be ready to try for certification. I may have arthritis by then, but making O's and E's will be much easier.

Reading & Music continue to be my solace and escape. My constant travel companions. I recently returned from a wonderful Holiday with family. I took my first Horse selfie & had my first tequila shot.

My music & books came along for the ride. I managed to finish a few books and bought some CD's.

ZEKE and NED by Larry McMurtry & Diana Ossana is the true story of
Ezekiel Proctor and Ned Christie, who were the end of a dying breed in Cherokee history: True warriors.
After the Civil War Zeke & Ned try to build a life in the town of Going Snake, Arkansas, in Indian Territory, but prejudice and Civil War wounds die hard. Ned and his young bride Jewel Sixkiller Proctor yearn for the quiet life of farming & child-rearing, while trying to hold fast to their Indian Ways.
Zeke and his wife Becca, wish for the same, but have also chosen to
walk that path between the White world and the ways of the Cherokee.
When Zeke makes a fatal mistake in the heat of passion,the divide between the Whites & the Cherokees becomes a stark, deep & violent chasm and all of Zeke's dreams turn to bitter dust in his mouth.
I have had a love affair with Westerns since the age of 12. Maybe it came from my Father.Maybe seeing a Zane Grey or Louis L'Amour book tucked under his arm or lying on the kitchen table sparked my interest, which keeps him firmly in my memory, for which I am grateful.
The wilderness, tragedy,bravery & history, draw me in.
The story-telling is sweeping and character driven and told as only few are able and Larry McMurtry is a master.

What's catching my ear: Hozier

 Nico and Vinz

Sunday, October 12, 2014


 My first post-blissful Holiday Reel of the Week is 1994's "SHALLOW GRAVE". Danny Boyle's directorial debut and Ewan McGregor's first major movie role.

Three Flatmates, Juliet(Kerry Fox), David(Chris Eccleston) & Alex (Ewan McGregor) are as intertwined as a set of fraternal triplets. They are struggling to make ends meet. The solution? Take on a fourth Flatmate to ease the burden, but it can't be just any old fourth mate. He or she has to pass muster with all three.
 They finally decide on an enigmatic novelist. When the novelist ends up dead, leaving behind a suitcase full of money, the dynamics if this trio is brought front & center. 
Sometimes no matter how much you think you love your friends, the true nature of your relationship may turn out to be dark & toxic. Juliet, David & Alex discover that when money & greed are added to the mix, knowing everything about your friend, takes on an ominous & deadlier meaning.
"SHALLOW GRAVE" is about greed and selfishness, but it's also about the hierarchy that exist within friendships. Who's the leader? The follower? Is someone grappling for a higher position?  Maybe it's also about self-esteem & courage too. "SHALLOW GRAVE" was delightfully dark & heady.  Before "A SIMPLE PLAN" & "FARGO" (Both great Films, also dealing with friendships & plans going horribly awry.)there was "SHALLOW GRAVE" , a glorious, bloody mess showing us how the love of money can corrupt the soul.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bits & Bobs & Summers End

We are nearing the last gasp of warm summer breezes. Surprisingly for the first Summer in years it's been a bit of a drought in the Acting arena. It's my first year with a new agent, so I guess finding my niche is proving a difficulty.  So I have concentrated my efforts on my music & formulating a piano/singer endeavor. The end of summer feels like the end of leisure time. I know it's an illusion, but It feels like I have more time in the Summer for reading. I'm heading off for a bit of a Holiday, so this is my end of Summer Book review.
I've chosen John Connolly's "THE WOLF IN WINTER", the 12th in his Charlie Parker series (13th counting the Novella "The Reflecting Eye" from Nocturnes).

From the outside, the town of Prosperous is perfect. It lives up to it's name. A town that is a well-off,quiet, serene, tight-knit Community. It feels Homey and Folksy, but scratch the surface and Prosperous has a bleeding, evil, festering center.
A homeless man enlists Private Investigator Charlie Parker to help to find his missing Daughter. Later this same man is found dead. Charlie continues his investigation, which leads him straight to Prosperous. As is Charlies nature, he is once again impelled to right a wrong and bring whoever is responsible for the disappearance of his clients daughter to their knees.
Charlie has already faced some of the most depraved & lethal evil imaginable, but the Town of Prosperous will stop at nothing...nothing to protect what they have built, but They've not come across the likes of Charlie Parker & they sense in him an unrelenting danger that must be stopped.

Despite the title, "THE WOLF IN WINTER" is a great Summer read. The tension builds page by page, It's one of those books that will have you saying "Just one more page, and I'll put it down". Don't be daunted by the number of books in the series. I started with the 4th book "The White Road" (Still one of my favorites.), but I didn't feel I was missing anything. It just made me want to go back to the beginning to read the 3 I'd skipped.
I am intrigued by the protagonist Charlie Parker. He's a fragile man, who doesn't realize he's fragile. He turns his fragmented soul outward, compelled to protect & avenge those least able to do so for themselves. Unaware that each time he is driven into darkness, a little more of his soul is pounded to dust.
I envy those of you who are just starting your journey with Charlie Parker. All those exciting, well written stories await you. When you have finished with Charlie Parker, Samuel Johnson is waiting in the wings. Also his new series "Conquest" with co-author Jennie Ridyard (A Sci-Fi treat). It's like Christmas.......really.... Christmas.

In case you are in search of new music:
Eiayay's Summer Music rotation

The Summery, always danceable THE BOMBAY ROYALE

and LA SANTA CECELIA, they do a wonderful version of "Strawberry Fields"

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Lost Art Of Gentlemanly Behavior

My Reel of the Week is 2012's PARADE'S END". It was originally a BBC mini-series (5 Hours) and broadcast on HBO. It is currently out on DVD.

Benedict Cumberbatch  plays Christopher Tietjens a high-collar , priviledged nobleman who is trying desperately to hold tight to the attitudes and social mores of an ever changing egalitarian Society. Britain is also tense with the whisperings  of WWI.
After a moment of weakness and lack of judgement, Christopher finds himself married to a pregnant Sylvia (Rebecca Hall). Shortly after their marriage she gives birth to a boy who may or may not be Christopher's. because of his sense of duty and principles, Christopher turns a blind eye to Sylvia's manipulations, indiscretions and belittling remarks, determined to fulfill his obligations as a husband and father.
He meets young suffragette Valentine Wannop (Adelaide Clemmons). He
feels the stirrings of a passion he must resist to avoid corrupting his principles and disgracing his family. With both the impending War and the Women's Suffragette Movement looming, Christopher is pushed to either move with changing times or stay hopelessly anchored to the past.

PARADE"S END started a little slow, but by the second hour I was thoroughly engrossed and invested, but I had to keep reminding myself that the timeline was the 1900's to cut down on my shouting of "WTF is wrong with these people".
Rebecca Hall was perfection in the role of Sylvia. I wanted to really hate her for her horrendous treatment of Christopher, but you also saw how insecure and damaged she was.
Adelaide Clemmons as the Suffragette Valentine was a bit young for the role and seemed disconnected from the Era she was portraying. I wasn't convinced she had any real frame of reference to draw on to make her character more alive. She was able to convey the naïveté of a young girl navigating the minefield of first love.
 Many people have knocked Benedict Cumberbatch as an actor because he has the been at the apex of that double-edged sword of being the IT person right now. As an actor myself I learn something new from every performance I have seen him in. He is a fearless actor, something I aspire to and envy. He is a chameleon, who allows himself to be vulnerable, which is what we all strive for as actors and is the most difficult part of being an actor,opening yourself fully to each role. In PARADE'S END he was perfectly and frustratingly Christopher Tietjens.
PARADE'S END was moving and romantic & perfect for what I wanted at that moment.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


My Reel of the week is 2011's OKA!

Larry (Kris Marshall) is an ethnomusicoloigist, he has a deep love, appreciation and obsession with the music of Central Africa. He has made countless trips to the region to record the sounds of the African Jungle wildlife and the music of the Bayaka Pygmies.
The Bayaka sing & tell stories of a mythical dragon that lives in the Jungle, protecting it from harm.
While listening to a playback of his beloved music, Larry experiences a crippling pain in his ears, which send him to the Doctor. He is diagnosed with Tinnitus, but a blood test reveals that Larry's liver is failing. He is advised to seek treatment and refrain from any future trips abroad. Larry has other ideas and promptly books a trip back to Africa. He is compelled to complete his Library of euphony, by recording the sound of the Mythical Dragon of the Bayaka.
What follows is a funny, loving yet cautionary tale about our connectedness.  Reminding us that what happens far away from us, can still affect us. OKA is also about how Music has the power to bring us together if we allow it to & that the family we choose can turn out to be the family that means the most to us.
OKA is filmed almost entirely in the language of the Bayaka. I never checked to see if sub-titles were available, but I found I didn't need them. The music & themes were Universal. OKA was a delight. If sub-titles are available, try to watch without them. Let the music speak to you. It will. You only have to choose to listen.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bits & Bobs: The Cast of Maine

I was asked by Kate Kaminski of Bluestocking Film series  to do a follow-up to an interview I did in 1995 for Cast & Crew magazine on Acting opportunities for minorities in Maine.

I have been an actor/singer for over 20 years here in Maine. My first role was Tiny Tim's sister Martha in "A Christmas Carol" when I was 9yrs old. I have been in love with song & stage since then.

The Acting Community in Maine (Actors, Film, Theater & agents) is very tight -knit. Most of the time they go for the tried & true: people they have worked with over & over or their friends. So, basically the people they have in their lives & most know maybe one or two people of color, so they go with what they see before them.  The people that look like them.

I was clued into that very early, when a Theater decided to do "The Wiz". The pivotal roles went to white actors, even the role of Dorothy. I was cast as Glenda, but declined. My reason being the lack of Black actors in any leading roles. My fellow Black actors re-named it "Annie goes to Oz". It hasn't really changed much since then.
I have gone on hundreds of auditions since I started Acting. When I show up to Audition for the Season plays at various Theater's I am consistently given only the sides that specifically call for a Black person, instead of all the roles that call for a woman of my age & type. When I ask for the other sides, I am given them reluctantly & ultimately only offered the  "Black" roles.

When it comes to Film, I am mostly offered roles when the client uses the code words that mean person of color: different, cultural, ethnic. I have had agents that were progressive & put my name in for any role they felt I was qualified for, and I am grateful, because I did get some of those roles. The client just changed their vision, when they saw my audition.

On the practical side, when I do get cast, I ALWAYS come prepared with my own make-up. Usually the make-up artist has two shades of powder & foundation for people of color: very, very dark & very, very light also the make-up contains Titanium Dioxide. Now I will give make-up artists a tip. Titanium Dioxide makes brown skin dull & gray looking. The one & only time I forgot my own make-up & the make-up artist didn't have my shade, she told me that if I didn't want to do the commercial, she could tell the Director to get someone else for the role. Basically telling me it was my fault that she didn't have foundation to match my skin.  We also have the other "problem" with casting people of color: Our Hair. "It doesn't fit the vision"or "It's too wild or" "Can you make it straight". Yes, sometimes a role in a movie or film calls for a different hair style, I'm fine with that, but most of the time hair really shouldn't matter.

If there is an upside, it's that there a fewer People of Color in Maine then, say Los Angeles, so your chances of getting that "Ethnic" role are pretty good. We are here and we are talented, it just take some effort & vision & creativity to find us. As an actor I have four obstacles I have to hurdle to get work here: I am a woman, I am a Black woman, I am over forty & over 120 lbs.

The bottom line is If the Maine Acting Community continues to stick to the tried & true & stay firmly in the box, then things will probably remain the way they are. People of Color can do Shakespeare, we can be in a film about Victorian England, we like Chekhov, Noel Coward & Country music. When you have to cast a couple, they don't have to both be Black or both  white. It's okay to change your "vision", to try the unexpected.

I am fond of Maine & have had many wonderful Acting experiences so I continue to clutch my CV & head off to the  next Audition ever hopeful....

This Funny or Die video reminds me I'm not alone:


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bits & Bobs & Summer Reading!

"A Something in a Summer's Noon-
A depth- an azure- a perfume-
transcending ecstasy" - Emily Dickinson

Summer and reading go so well together, because of the carefree sense of
freedom they both evoke. I have started my Summer reading list in earnest.
These two books kicked off my summer:

 WAYFARING STRANGER, started out as a coming of age story, but it was really about a journey. A boys journey into Adulthoodand all the experiences that shape a life. It began when Weldon Holland had a chance encounter with the notorious outlaws Bonnie & Clyde when he was a teen being raised by his colorful, but distant grandfather and his fragile mother.
Later, World War II became part of Holland's journey, his experiences and the people he met, transformed him and changed his path, twisting and turning it, taking him from Paris to the Oil fields of Texas.
WAYFARING STRANGER is a story steeped in History, but at it's heart it is a story about how deeply love impales the heart, but also how those whose lives lie untouched by love turn that pain outward in the most horrific ways, seeking nothing more than to destroy those who seemingly flaunt their good fortune.
The depth of the characters, the story dripping with atmosphere is pure James Lee Burke, but the story is a complete departure from his other novels. It was unexpected. Every time I thought I had the story figured out and knew where it was going, Burke threw a curve and sent the plotline plummeting in a different direction.
 With WAYFARING STRANGER  James Lee Burke once again writes us a story that epitomizes what is really at the heart of most journeys: hope, triumph over tragedy, love and a sense of belonging.

FIREPOINT by John Smolens Nineteen year old Hannah is a wanderer, she loves to escape to the outskirts of her small town, to stretch her legs, feel the strength of her legs carry her along. One day on one of her explorations , she comes upon a dilapidated house. Curious, she steps inside and into the life of Martin Reed who has bought the house to renovate.
Hannah and Martin begin a tentative friendship which soon blossoms into a romance.
Their bliss is short-lived, because Sean, Hannah's ex-boyfriend has other plans. He begins a campaign of stalking & harassing Martin & Hannah. He is emboldened and fearless in his attacks, because he has the protection of the chief of Police, his father Frank Colby. Sean's attacks become increasingly violent and culminate in a vicious attack on Martin that leaves him gravely injured and with memory loss.
When Martin recovers and starts to regain his memory, Frank Colby convinces his son that Martin should not be given a chance to fully regain his memory.
FIREPOINT was a fast-paced, easy read. So much was packed into such a short story. It was crackling with suspense. A great beach or vacation read.

I'm hoping these books will make it onto your Summer book list. The next book on MY list is John Connolly's THE WOLF IN WINTER:

Also here is some of the music I'm taking on my Summer outings:


                            Laura Mvula - Green Garden

Soak in the Summer, it's so short: Read & dance!!!                              

Saturday, May 17, 2014


My Reel this week is 2013's THE WORLD'S END". One of my favorite actors, Simon Pegg co-wrote & also stars in this film.
It's a story about "getting the band back together", but their really isn't any going back. Proving do overs are not only a bad idea, but just not possible.

Gary King (Simon Pegg) wants to get his four best friends back together to finish a pub crawl they started 20 years ago. His friends reluctantly agree, after some creative convincing by Gary. When you get together with friends from high school and return to your old stomping grounds, all the old grievances rear their ugly heads. Everyone assumes their roles. Things then go from bad to worse. The town looks the same on the outside,but there's the smell of something evil in the air. Can Gary & his friends put aside their differences and unravel the mystery? Not only the town, but the World depends on it.

WORLD'S END wanted to be a comedy/drama, but in order for that formula to work it had to straddle a very fine line between funny and serious. The drama can't be so deep that it makes laughing seem almost inappropriate. WORLD'S END for me fell off the line and didn't quite pull it off.
I spent a lot of time feeling really bad for Gary. The desperation he exuded drowned out the laughs. I think the premise of the movie may have worked better as strictly comedy. The deeper motives behind the Pub Crawl, didn't mesh with the comedy plot-line.

I absolutely love Simon Pegg. He is a brilliant writer & a complex actor, but this one missed the mark. The drama was unexpected and out of place with the comedy. If you want to watch one of his films where the comedy/drama formula works magnificently, I recommend RUN, FAT BOY RUN .
It's one of my favorites. WORLD'S END not so much.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


The last few years have been a kind of love letter to Geeks, Stan Lee and Comic Books. I have enjoyed it all. Iron Man 1-3, X-Men (all 4), Thor (2), Batman (3), okay I'm not really a fan of Spiderman, so I guess not all. Captain America, which brings me to my Reel of the Week. CAPTAIN AMERICA:THE WINTER SOLDIER 

  Chris Evans reprises his role as Steve Rogers aka CAPTAIN AMERICA.
Steve is still making discoveries about the very new and very different world he finds himself in after being brought back from suspended animation. Nick Fury calls Steve into SHIELD. Something is awry in the SHIELD network and things are not what they seem. Steve enlists the help of friends old and new. Natasha aka BLACK WIDOW (Scarlett Johansson) and a fellow soldier Sam aka FALCON (Anthony Mackie).
Meanwhile Nick is testing allegiances and friendships to save SHIELD and all it stands for, from a threat whose origin remains a mystery.
CAPTAIN AMERICA'S mission will bring up the past in the form of a Soviet Agent known as THE WINTER SOLDIER (Sebastian Stan). CAPTAIN AMERICA'S loyalty to SHIELD is tested. He must choose between his loyalty to SHIELD and his loyalty to his past and beliefs about who he is and what he stands for.
CAPTAIN AMERICA hit the ground running and didn't stop for the full 136 minutes. It was homeric, great fun and full of stomach dropping action. The car chase near the beginning had me clutching my arm rest (luckily no ones arm was resting on it at the time.) Lots of strong kick-ass women (although once again no women of color. Film has been around since the 1890's,I can't believe we are STILL having this conversation). Robert Redford as ANDREW PIERCE was such a coup. He jumped in with both feet and gave an understated but flawless performance. I can't believe he agreed to be in it.
Sebastian Stans performance as the WINTER SOLDIER was perfectly balanced. I felt sympathy for him even when he was at his worst.
CAPTAIN AMERICA was entertaining, fast-paced and had a good story wrapped in action packed fun. I also enjoyed waiting for that STAN LEE moment, it's like find Waldo.
Don't forget to stay for the credits. Also the ABC television series AGENTS OF SHIELD follows the plot line of the movie, it's great fun if you haven't watched it yet, check it out.

Bits & Bobs &..Illyri & Galateans...& Sherlock and.....

Spring is in the air, I can tell by the ants invading my kitchen. But there is a feeling of buoyancy and hope. I have completed my online ASL review course (I know, it seems is). Hopefully the test is on the horizon. I am geared up to hit the summer audition trail. My second CMP commercial is currently airing (I have such lovely hands and a way with a light switch).

I have managed to do some reading. The latest is CONQUEST by John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard. It's book one in the CHRONICLES OF THE INVADERS  series. 

 The Earth is a very different place. Countries are no longer fighting amongst themselves. A new enemy has arrived. The Illyri, an alien species has conquered and now rules every aspect of Human life. With domination comes rebellion in the form of the Resistance. The illyri may be in control, but the Humans are not cooperating. They have set aside their differences to face the enemy.

Sixteen year old Syl is Illyri, born on Earth. She finds herself torn between her idealized version of her home world and the dichotomy of beauty & self-destructive behavior that is the home of her birth.
Paul is also sixteen, but of conquered Earth, the only Earth he has ever known. He has also grown up as part of the Resistance, it's a natural as breathing.
Syl's deep feelings about right and wrong will make her a villain to her own people. Syl and Paul must navigate the treacherous path to understanding one another, because the place they both call home is facing an even greater horror and to join together may be their only hope of saving Earth.

In the past I really haven't been a fan of collaborative writing. Stephen King and Peter Straub collaborated. For me it just didn't work. Their writing styles didn't mesh well. James Patterson & his various collaborations....not so much. But this works. I'm very familiar with John Connolly's writing style, having read all of his books. Jennifer Ridyard adds another layer, an richness to the dialogue, a roundness & a softness. They've forged a solid, seamless story. A complimentary collaboration.
CONQUEST was engaging, believable and painted a vivid picture of Earth in conflict.  A well written story, a plethora of Sci-Fi fantasy with a heavy grounding in research and new things on the horizon. Rich & complex characters. As an actress I couldn't help imagining what an incredible movie this would make!
I didn't want it to end. Lucky for me it hasn't, the second installment entitled EMPIRE, is currently in the works. Hooray!

Now what has been in heavy rotation for me musically. I have been in Soundtrack mode, interspersed with some Jack White & Laura Marling.
Mostly the Soundtrack for the PBS series SHERLOCK & the musical HAIR.
Jack white is such an interesting & innovative singer & musician. Laura Marling has such a way with a Lyric a wanting tone to her voice.

I hope that you will discover something new, that moves you. After all, that's the reason I created my blog. Enjoy!


Friday, March 7, 2014

"Of Heaven, Guilt & Grief "

I broke my promise to be more attentive to my Blog. I tried I really, really tried. It's not like I haven't watched any movies or opened any books, but when I open up this page to write, it looks so very's daunting. The writing in my head wants someone else to type it, so I happily go off to read or watch a movie or listen to music. I will do better.....did I already say that?  Well, any way...

My Reel of the week is 2010's CREATION. The story of Charles Darwin (Paul Bettany)  Scientist, story teller & adventurer. A man who loves Science, his children & his devout wife, Emma (Jennifer Connelly), but can Science & God exist in the same household & both survive?
Darwin is a man ahead of his time. He yearns to know the why & how of every living thing. Darwin's love for his pious wife makes him hesitant to publish his Scientific beliefs and findings, but he is urged on by his peers to put an end to what they believe are fanciful imaginings. Darwin's decision will determine the course of his marriage, his career and his wife's belief in the destiny of his soul.
For me, it was more of a study of how and if a marriage can survive crisis. Does it bring you closer or tear you apart. Is tragedy a litmus test for how strong & real your beliefs are.
I'm still on the fence as to how I felt about CREATION. I'm not sure the story was big enough to warrant a movie. I probably would have read a book about Charles fact I'm surprised I haven't. I should probably add that to the teetering stack at my bedside. Actually thirty minutes into CREATION, hand hovered over the eject button, but Benedict Cumberbatch was in the credits (yeah, that's right, I admit it) and I was curious. If he wasn't in it , would I be writing this review? I don't know. CREATION was mildly engaging, but mostly bland.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


My fiirst Reel of the week for 2014 is 2003's OPEN RANGE.
CHARLEY WAITE (Kevin Costner) a weary former gunslinger, hires on as part of a cattle crew run by BOSS SPECKMAN (Robert Duvall). 
While driving the cattle to market they stop along the way to let the cattle graze, a common practice called free ranging. 
The trouble for BOSS & their crew starts when they decide to camp outside the town of Harmonville which is run by a corrupt lawman, bought & paid for by the richest rancher in town , Denton Baxter (Michael Gambon).
Baxter has a particular hatred for open rangers. He believes land should only be open to those who can pay for it. He's wants his message sent loud & clear. When BOSS sends one of his crew into town for supplies he is beaten and jailed.
Charley, who served in the Civil War, has seen his share of blood and violence and wants to leave that part of his life behind, but what do you do when the blood comes to you?
Denton Baxter is not through, he wants to make an example to the town of what happens when you defy him. He send his henchman to attack BOSS & his crew, killing one & wounding BUTTON(Diego Luna), a boy BOSS took in and has raised like a son.
Trouble and violence have found Charley again, just when he has tentatively opened his heart to SUE BARTON (Annette Bening), the sister of the Doctor who is nursing BUTTON back to health. Can Charley defend Sue, his friends & his livelihood and stay alive?
Harmonville becomes a battleground in that all too familiar fight between good and evil.
Kevin Costner performs in his usual, understated, quiet way. Annette Bening gives a solid performance. I was happy that Kevin Costner's Love interest was an actual grown woman & not a 19 or 20 year old. Robert Duvall, who elevates any movie, is superb. A lovable & wise curmudgeon.
OPEN RANGE isn't a great Western, but it's a very good one. It had all the ingredients a good Western needs. A villain, a conflicted hero, guns, the love of a good woman or man & a straight if at times blurry line between right and wrong.
Westerns have always been close to my heart. William Johnstone , Robert B. Parker, Michael Blakley and Larry McMurtry to name a few. all introduced to me by my Father.
When I sit in a cozy chair and read or watcha big action filled Western, it's like having a conversation with my Father, it's brings him to me and for those moments he is not so very far away.