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Friday, March 7, 2014

"Of Heaven, Guilt & Grief "

I broke my promise to be more attentive to my Blog. I tried I really, really tried. It's not like I haven't watched any movies or opened any books, but when I open up this page to write, it looks so very's daunting. The writing in my head wants someone else to type it, so I happily go off to read or watch a movie or listen to music. I will do better.....did I already say that?  Well, any way...

My Reel of the week is 2010's CREATION. The story of Charles Darwin (Paul Bettany)  Scientist, story teller & adventurer. A man who loves Science, his children & his devout wife, Emma (Jennifer Connelly), but can Science & God exist in the same household & both survive?
Darwin is a man ahead of his time. He yearns to know the why & how of every living thing. Darwin's love for his pious wife makes him hesitant to publish his Scientific beliefs and findings, but he is urged on by his peers to put an end to what they believe are fanciful imaginings. Darwin's decision will determine the course of his marriage, his career and his wife's belief in the destiny of his soul.
For me, it was more of a study of how and if a marriage can survive crisis. Does it bring you closer or tear you apart. Is tragedy a litmus test for how strong & real your beliefs are.
I'm still on the fence as to how I felt about CREATION. I'm not sure the story was big enough to warrant a movie. I probably would have read a book about Charles fact I'm surprised I haven't. I should probably add that to the teetering stack at my bedside. Actually thirty minutes into CREATION, hand hovered over the eject button, but Benedict Cumberbatch was in the credits (yeah, that's right, I admit it) and I was curious. If he wasn't in it , would I be writing this review? I don't know. CREATION was mildly engaging, but mostly bland.

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