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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bits & Bobs &..Illyri & Galateans...& Sherlock and.....

Spring is in the air, I can tell by the ants invading my kitchen. But there is a feeling of buoyancy and hope. I have completed my online ASL review course (I know, it seems is). Hopefully the test is on the horizon. I am geared up to hit the summer audition trail. My second CMP commercial is currently airing (I have such lovely hands and a way with a light switch).

I have managed to do some reading. The latest is CONQUEST by John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard. It's book one in the CHRONICLES OF THE INVADERS  series. 

 The Earth is a very different place. Countries are no longer fighting amongst themselves. A new enemy has arrived. The Illyri, an alien species has conquered and now rules every aspect of Human life. With domination comes rebellion in the form of the Resistance. The illyri may be in control, but the Humans are not cooperating. They have set aside their differences to face the enemy.

Sixteen year old Syl is Illyri, born on Earth. She finds herself torn between her idealized version of her home world and the dichotomy of beauty & self-destructive behavior that is the home of her birth.
Paul is also sixteen, but of conquered Earth, the only Earth he has ever known. He has also grown up as part of the Resistance, it's a natural as breathing.
Syl's deep feelings about right and wrong will make her a villain to her own people. Syl and Paul must navigate the treacherous path to understanding one another, because the place they both call home is facing an even greater horror and to join together may be their only hope of saving Earth.

In the past I really haven't been a fan of collaborative writing. Stephen King and Peter Straub collaborated. For me it just didn't work. Their writing styles didn't mesh well. James Patterson & his various collaborations....not so much. But this works. I'm very familiar with John Connolly's writing style, having read all of his books. Jennifer Ridyard adds another layer, an richness to the dialogue, a roundness & a softness. They've forged a solid, seamless story. A complimentary collaboration.
CONQUEST was engaging, believable and painted a vivid picture of Earth in conflict.  A well written story, a plethora of Sci-Fi fantasy with a heavy grounding in research and new things on the horizon. Rich & complex characters. As an actress I couldn't help imagining what an incredible movie this would make!
I didn't want it to end. Lucky for me it hasn't, the second installment entitled EMPIRE, is currently in the works. Hooray!

Now what has been in heavy rotation for me musically. I have been in Soundtrack mode, interspersed with some Jack White & Laura Marling.
Mostly the Soundtrack for the PBS series SHERLOCK & the musical HAIR.
Jack white is such an interesting & innovative singer & musician. Laura Marling has such a way with a Lyric a wanting tone to her voice.

I hope that you will discover something new, that moves you. After all, that's the reason I created my blog. Enjoy!


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